Mission + Values

As an organization, we will be the most strategic, forward-thinking and value-added authority on human capital in the world building companies & changing lives.

At Protis, we believe it is important to establish an identity built around Core Values. These Core Values are the framework defining who we are and our interactions with one another. The result is consistency in message and synergy in all that we do.


A positive manner/disposition toward a person or thing; a positive expressive body posture or emotion that represents having goodwill toward the work environment around you.


Cooperative/coordinated effort by a group acting together to reach a common goal and/or cause; network and share ideas to better meet our client’s needs.

Work ethic

To exert effort directed to produce or accomplish something using a system of moral principles, to meet standards consistently through consistent effort and morals.


Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty, in other words “do the right thing”.


Living to our Core Values while performing at the highest level with the goal of execution against objectives, striving for excellence.