Interim Staffing
the Protis Global Difference

As an interim staffing agency, we have a network of top temporary talent to help you scale your team overnight.

Experience Protis Global Interim Staffing

Committed to innovation and agility in the ever-changing talent market.

Hire vetted consultants on demand with our interim staffing services

The rise of the gig economy has drastically changed our perception of contract work. With the help of contract recruitment agencies like Protis Global, seasoned professionals, and senior executives are increasingly hired for short-term projects to bridge critical skill gaps or lead major projects.

As an interim staffing agency, Protis Global understands that consumer brands often face immediate needs — and have a successful track record in filling contract roles across the food, beverage, and cannabis sectors.

Access trusted consultants, bridge critical gaps, or test key roles, all while enabling your business to keep scaling with interim talent.

One of Protis Global’s biggest strengths is our startup savvy. We understand how nimble growing organizations need to be when it comes to their talent strategy.

Sourcing: T-Shaped Talent

One of our biggest strengths as a contract staffing agency is our startup savvy. We understand how nimble growing organizations need to be when it comes to their talent strategy.

The Protis Global team are seasoned pros at recruiting for cross-functional roles.

Through on-demand interim staffing, we can equip any fast-moving organization with the right talent mix at the exact time they need it — from sales to operations, marketing to finance.

Why Work with us?

Next-level Contract Recruitment

We work fast. Each talent assignment takes an average of five days from brief to hire, without compromising quality.

With “why” out of the way, here’s when companies typically work with us:

When replacing key people who have moved on or taken an extended leave

When overhauling people strategy and organizational development

When reviewing corporate strategy and M&A activity

During high-touch project management and digital transformation

When evaluating supply chain gaps and opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is contract staffing?
Contract staffing is a type of employment arrangement in which an individual is hired on a temporary basis to work for a specific period of time or on a specific project. Under this arrangement, the employee is not considered a permanent employee of the company, but rather a contractor or consultant.
What are the benefits of contract staffing services?
Contract staffing services offer a variety of benefits for businesses, including access to talent, reduced risk, and flexibility to quickly hire temporary staff for short-term needs. Since contract staffing agencies assume much of the legal and financial risk associated with hiring temporary staff, this often results in higher effectiveness and cost reduction for the company.
What is the difference between contract staffing vs permanent recruitment?
Contract staffing and permanent recruitment are two different types of employment arrangement. Contract staffing involves short-term hiring for a specific period of time, while permanent recruitment doesn’t have a predetermined end date. The employment status and job responsibilities also differ - contract employees are considered temporary workers and don’t have the same benefits and job security as permanent employees.