Richard Ledesma

Senior Director of Operations

Meet Richard

Richard has never met an Excel spreadsheet that he didn’t love.

He didn’t land this position by simply throwing a dart at a job board and hoping for the best. Oh no, Richard’s journey was more like a rollercoaster ride through the hustle and bustle of New York City.

After college, Richard packed his bags and headed straight for the Big Apple, ready to conquer the world. He dove headfirst into the professional world, taking on any and every opportunity that came his way. Eventually, he found his groove in the world of Operations, gaining valuable experience in the Hospitality, Non-Profit, and PR sectors throughout the Northeast.

But how did he end up at Protis Global, you ask? Well, it’s a tale of sun, sand, and serendipity. When Richard decided to trade the concrete jungle for the warm embrace of Florida, he reached out to a local connection who happened to work at Protis Global. This connection proved to be a golden ticket, as Richard was referred to Bert, the man that built the company. After an impressive meeting with Bert and the rest of the team, Richard was instantly hooked. He knew he could make a splash and shake things up from day one. So, he turned down other offers and embarked on his mission to transform the lives of Protis Global’s clients and candidates.

Now, what sets Richard apart from the sea of professionals doing similar jobs? Well, he’s got the perfect recipe for success: a dash of intention, a dollop of dependability, and a heaping spoonful of devotion. Richard approaches every task with purpose and determination, leaving no room for mediocrity. When he says he’ll deliver, you better believe he’ll go above and beyond to make it happen.

And here’s a little secret about Richard – he’s got a soft spot for Excel spreadsheets. Yes, you heard that right! He has an uncanny ability to make those rows and columns dance to his tune. His love for organizing data is so strong that he’s never met an Excel spreadsheet he didn’t fall head over heels for. If you ever need someone to tackle a data jungle, Richard is your go-to guy.

But above all else, Richard is driven by his unwavering desire to make a difference. Every single day, he wakes up ready to change the world, one operational task at a time. Whether it’s his colleagues, clients, or candidates, Richard’s infectious energy and genuine care leave a lasting impact on everyone he encounters.

Richard graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.