Bert E. Miller

Chairman + CEO

Bert Miller
Meet Bert

Successful people in the recruiting game have experience and expertise in equal measure, and Bert is no exception.

Bert Miller is a leading expert on search, recruitment, and talent retention. Throughout his career, he was instrumental in building the teams behind many of the world’s most renowned household names, spearheading digital transition within a legacy category, and identifying winning business opportunities in their earliest stages.

Bert’s expertise in search and recruitment led him to co-found Protis Global in 1995, growing it to an award-winning retained search firm.

He is also an active speaker, mentor, advisor, investor, and host of a podcast series entitled Beyond the Bottom Line hosted by Bert Miller. In this podcast, Bert connects with leaders across categories to discuss their proudest achievements, greatest challenges, and where they focus their energy each day.

A Northern Indiana local, he fulfilled his dream of starting Protis Global after working with top brands like E&J Gallo and Revlon.