Over Two Decades of Food Manufacturing Recruitment

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We help world-leading food companies — from production and distribution to wholesale and retail — find and retain the very best talent out there to help turn their brand into a household name. 

With access to over 150,000 top candidates and a track record of successful placements across executive and professional search, look no further than Protis Global, the top food industry recruitment company for over 25 years.



 Protis Global helps food industry companies with:

  • Plant expansion
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) transition
  • Innovation initiatives
  • Distribution and retail 
  • Commercial teams
  • Business intelligence
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Protis Global Helps Food Industry Companies

Two Decades of Search for Top Food Industry Talent


With us, you find there’s never a shortage of food industry experts. For over 25 years, Protis Global has helped thousands of food brands and distributors find their key talent and grow their companies.

We build the relationships. You get the best people.

As one of the leading food industry recruitment agencies, Protis Global is proud to have partnered with the food industry’s top brands.

Establish and fine-tune people strategies

Find the right talent fast
Organize impactful teams
Save time and money
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