Ben Guthrie

Senior Search Consultant

Meet Ben

Ben Guthrie is a talent acquisition and recruiting powerhouse. With a decade of working experience under his belt, Ben is a true master of his craft, able to match job seekers with their dream roles.

Think of Ben as a wise old professor but with a better sense of humor and a lot less tweed. He’s been around the block and knows the ins and outs of the CPG industry like the back of his hand.

When it comes to pairing people with the perfect job, Ben is like a sommelier matching wine with cheese – he knows how to bring out the best in each candidate and make sure they’re perfectly suited to the position.

But it’s not just his skills that make him stand out – it’s also his personality. Ben is an extroverted analytical wizard who’s always eager to learn and grow. He’s like that cool professor who’s always on top of the latest trends and has a knack for making even the most boring subject interesting.

When he’s not busy helping job seekers find their dream careers, you might find Ben hiking in the mountains or trying out the latest craft beer. But no matter what he’s up to, he’s always up for a good chat and happy to share his expertise.

Ben is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership at Marian University Indianapolis. He is expected to defend his dissertation in late 2024, which will delve into the effects of AI recruiting tools on diversity and inclusion initiatives in the food & beverage industry.