Kayla Crawford

Senior Search Consultant

Meet Kayla

Kayla is a people person. She loves the human element of everything—from the stories that people tell to the laughter they share. It’s this passion for human interaction that drives her to seek out new opportunities, whether it be working in a brewery or recruiting top talent.

Kayla is a doer.

She’s not the kind of person who sits around waiting for things to happen—she makes things happen. She’s driven, passionate, and empathetic, which makes her uniquely qualified to help others achieve their goals.

Kayla believes that communication is key in all interactions, especially when it comes to recruitment: she wants every candidate she works with to feel valued and supported, and that they’ve found the right fit. Her unique mix of Food & Beverage Management and Recruitment expertise makes her the perfect person to help match top talent with amazing companies.

She loves being part of the Protis Global team because it gives her an opportunity to collaborate with others on solving new problems—plus she gets to spend time with amazing people who share her enthusiasm for changing lives.

Her passion for human interaction has led her from Guam to Tampa and back again; from running the bar at one of Guam’s top breweries to working with Protis Global as a recruiter. She’s ready to help you reach your goals whether it’s sailing off into the sunset or setting sail on a new adventure!

She’s also a certified scuba diver and loves exploring new places underwater.

Kayla graduated from The University of Tampa with a BA in Communications.