Michael Cecere

Director of Client + Talent Experience

Meet Michael

Michael Cecere is the unstoppable force of nature whose skills in people engagement and client satisfaction have led to a successful career as a Sales Manager and team leader.

When he moved from New York to Florida, he set his sights on a role that would allow him to grow while leading a team. With his self-motivation, strategic initiatives, and determination, he achieved his goal in record time.

Recruitment was a no-brainer – he loves connecting people with opportunities that make their lives better and their companies stronger. That’s why he landed at Protis Global – our roster of top clients, inspiring leaders, and culture of excellence fit his passion for helping others thrive.

What really sets Michael apart is his unbridled passion. His dedication to his own success, the company’s success, and the success of those around him are unparalleled. And with his contagious encouragement, he pushes everyone to be their best, creating a culture of non-stop growth and achievement.

But it’s not all business for our man Mike. He’s a family man first and foremost, with his wife’s unwavering support behind every accomplishment. And even though he partnered with an A-list celebrity to open and run two successful restaurants in New York City, he’s not too busy to cook up a storm for his loved ones. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s either golfing or exploring a city across the world.

Michael earned his BS degree in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies and a Culinary Arts Degree from Johnson & Wales University.