Tess Birch

Senior Search Consultant

Meet Tess

Like a master chef of recruitment, Tess can craft the perfect blend of talent and opportunity for every position.

Tess approaches recruitment like a gourmet chef approaches a meal – with a passion for creating something truly exceptional. Her “can do” attitude and solutions-oriented mindset enable her to mix the right ingredients to find the best candidates for each role.

Her love for her craft is fueled by her desire to hear the unique stories of everyone she meets. Tess seeks to understand what motivates people, what makes them stand out, and where they will shine. Her talent for spotting the perfect combination of skills, experience, and personality helps to create a winning recipe for candidates and clients alike.

This passion for recruiting has been recognized within the company, earning her second place for Rookie of the Year at the Pacesetter Sales Awards.

Originally from the Washington DC area, Tess is now lives in South Florida, where she enjoys soaking up the local flavor and spending time with her loved ones.

Tess graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services.