Skye Miller


Meet Skye

Growing up amidst a family deeply rooted in recruiting, Skye didn’t initially foresee a career in the field. Yet, her journey has been nothing short of fantastic.

Meet Skye Miller, a friendly face in the dynamic world of recruiting, bringing over 12 years of passion and authenticity to the table. Skye’s career journey has been nothing short of fantastic, filled with learning, growth, and discovery.

Starting as a recruiter, Skye worked up the ranks to become Partner at Protis Global. Since joining in 2012, she’s been on a non-stop ride, immersing herself in the art of connecting people with opportunities.

Working with some of the best in the industry, Skye thrived in an environment that valued continuous learning. Protis Global wasn’t just a professional choice; it was a personal one. The company’s values and mission align seamlessly with Skye’s principles, making it a perfect fit.

At the heart of Skye’s professional philosophy is a genuine passion for helping individuals make life-changing decisions. Recognizing the impact of career choices on the balance of professional and family life, Skye approaches each interaction with a deep sense of responsibility.

What sets Skye apart is her authentic self – no pretense, just genuine connection. What you see is what you get, a quality that resonates with everyone she interacts with.

Skye has a background as a college softball player and still has a deep love for the sport. When not transforming people’s lives, she loves to spend time with her family and pets.

Skye graduated from The University of Louisville with a BA in Exercise Science and Sports Administration.