Lars Miller

Senior Media Manager

Meet Lars

Lars is the company’s resident coffee and content connoisseur. With a wealth of experience in media, branding, marketing, photography, and video content creation, he’s a versatile creative professional who’s always ready to tackle any challenge.

As our Senior Media Manager, Lars is a magician with a camera and a master of all things media-related. He designs content for all social media platforms, shoots and edits event photography that turns even the most mundane conferences into must-see events, produces and edits the company’s podcasts, and creates landing pages that drive results.

With his proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro X, Canva, WordPress, and other tools, Lars has successfully executed a multitude of media projects and campaigns. His expertise also extends to capturing the essence of our corporate events, conferences, and other special occasions in a way that makes you feel like you were right there in the room. Before joining Protis Global, he founded a subscription coffee service that delivered the best beans all over Indiana.

From Manager of Talent Acquisition to Content Manager and now Senior Media Manager, Lars has climbed the ranks at Protis Global with grace and gusto. He’s an invaluable asset to the team and always ready to take on whatever new challenge comes his way.

Lars graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computing Science.