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PG Project

PG Project

Beautiful things happen when many hands work together, and we’re in the business of creating beautiful lives. That’s why we have made it our responsibility to share our time, strengths and resources with anyone or thing that could use help. We will do our part. We will give it our all. 

We are PG Project and we are Protis Global’s philanthropic team. From human rights to environmental aid, there are many causes we are impassioned by. We plan to contribute to an array of deserving organizations in order to contribute to progress in our community, country, and world. Incrementally, we intend to make a real impact to anyone who could use a helping hand. 

Headed up by an internal committee made up of three team members: Deb Dziena, Brenda Pineda and Trisha Patel PG Project aims to make a true impact in our community. 

Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about PG Project or have an organization that would benefit from our involvement! You can also follow along on future events and programs via our social media channels using the hashtag, #PGProject. 

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