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Position Title: Food Scientist, Alternative Proteins

Location: Hybrid


The Food Scientist position is responsible for executing R&D initiatives for the Global Alternative Protein Team with a primary focus on breakthrough and proactive innovation. This role will enable product leadership in the Alternative Proteins category to align with our overall business strategy and long-range plan.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

• Function as an autonomous scientist and or collaborate with fellow food scientists and research teams to execute experiments, contributing to cutting-edge alternative protein solutions that align with the our strategic goals and long-range plan.
• Take an active role in exploration, evaluation and implementation of novel ingredients and processing techniques at bench or commercial scale as needed using detailed test plans to create groundbreaking products that resonate with evolving market demands.
• Function as an autonomous scientist and or collaborate as with Regional and Global R&D teams to incorporate novel alternative protein ingredients into diverse food applications.
• Take an active role in planning, designing, and executing experiments to drive the company’s long-term objectives within the alternative protein sector.
• Conduct thorough evaluations of the functionality, sensory attributes, and nutritional properties of fermented ingredients in finished goods. Assessing prospects of implementation into various category segments and ensuring the quality and appropriateness of these ingredients for product development.
• Apply scientific principles and problem-solving skills to analyze data, offering valuable insights into research areas and formulation improvements within alternative protein domains.
• Plan and execute comprehensive group product evaluations to accurately assess and or track project progress and combine insights to actions that guide project direction.
• Take ownership of core functional processes, ensuring their efficient execution and continuous enhancement in coordination with senior team members.
• Participate/ lead multiple projects, ensuring the streamlined execution of technical activities while collaborating closely with cross-functional teams.
• Maintain clear and proactive communication within the team and externally, delivering updates on project advancement and nurturing productive relationships with clients and suppliers.
• Collaborate with category specialists and peers to facilitate material and vendor selection, aligning choices with both technical requirements and commercial goals.
• Actively contribute to cultivating a culture of excellence by sharing technical insights, progress updates, and best practices, fostering a dynamic and innovative research environment.
• Participate in relevant industry conferences, seminars, and networking events to expand your knowledge base, then effectively disseminate these insights to the Global and Regional Alt Protein R&D teams.
• Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams on projects, including Research & Development, Marketing, Culinary, Sensory, Production, and Quality Assurance, to drive successful scale-up and implementation of fermented protein processes internally or externally.
• Analyze experimental data/ scale up data and prepare detailed technical reports to document findings, progress, and potential areas for improvement.
• Stay up to date with the latest advancements in alternative protein technologies through scientific literature reviews and attending relevant conferences.
• Assume responsibility for the effective operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment, ensuring strict adherence to safety protocols.
• Keep and meticulously maintain an inventory of raw materials. This task will involve tracking, ordering, and managing the availability of essential materials, ensuring uninterrupted research activities.
• Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory guidelines and industry standards for fermentation-based products.
• Complete product formulation activities to drive efficient production of safe and regulatory-compliant food products, while following R&D processes for efficiency and effectiveness.
• Maintain GLP’s, GMP’s, and all required laboratory records, using electronic systems and written protocols, to ensure data integrity and compliance.
• Ensure the security and confidentiality of all information regarding product formulas and related data.
• May travel up to 30% as required for project collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Food Science, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, or a related field. (a degree in the Alternate Protein field is highly preferred).

Bachelors with minimum 3 years of Research & Product Development experience in fermentation product and/ process development, preferably in alternative protein or related food industries.

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