How Should a Recruiter Be Measured?

When people hear the term “recruiter “or “headhunter,” there is often a negative connotation that comes with it.


In the executive recruiting industry, there have been a lot of people that have come and gone.

It is time we break free from those negative stereotypes. How? Metrics are the key. They are not just numbers – they are the tools we need to change the narrative about recruiters.

How to Tell a Great Recruiter from an Average One

I am not the type to sit around waiting for someone to tell me what they want. I anticipate and bring solutions to the table.

Whether it is a seasoned pro or one just stepping into recruiting, a great recruiter thinks about the marketplace they serve. They talk to the hiring managers, the C-level, the candidates, and the HR Professionals and ask them what is important to them, as they are being evaluated inside of their company.

Sure, the standard data like interview-to-hire ratio and time to fill (a role) are important. I will not downplay them. But what sets a recruiter apart? It is the expertise that goes beyond the usual data they hear from every other recruiting firm. It is about finding those unique statistics that make clients sit up and go, “How do you know that?” Trust me – there are certain metrics that drive engagement and set a great recruiter apart.

For example, sharing a statistic like “37.1% of all the people we’ve placed have been promoted in 24 months.” Nobody tracks that consistently. And you know what sharing that information does? It tells the story of an impact player. It sparks curiosity. It starts a conversation. And that is what building a partnership is about – engaging, talking, and building trust.

A good recruiter does not have to be a tech wizard to make an impact. They just need to know the business and be able to communicate those metrics. It is about understanding the numbers and, more importantly, understanding the client market. 

Whether a seasoned recruiter or a fresh face in the industry, a great recruiter is a conversation starter, a trust builder, and a game-changer in the world of talent. And if they let the metrics tell the story of how great talent can impact the hiring manager’s personal career and the business, and they can transform lives.

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