We believe in the underdog. In the dreamers and the chasers. The ones doing things and building companies out of nothing. It gets our blood racing and gets us up in the morning. We were once that underdog and we never forgot where we came from. It’s why we have such a passion for working with startups and small businesses. We love everything about them and we applaud their bravery and courage. So, we set up the Protis Startup + Small Business Program to aide and advice, offering our services to the next generation of businesses.


We know that at the beginning of your journey things are hard. You’re scrapping costs together, working all hours of the day and night and desperately trying to grow. We also know that finding and attracting talent is the number one blocker to business growth, and luckily, we’ve collected over ninety years of experience doing just that.

We partner with your startup and/or small business at the early stages of your growth, working with you to lend our experience and skills to your own ambition and dreams.
Because you’re a startup/small business, and because we understand that you’re going through lean times, we reduce our costs initially in return for your exclusivity, giving you that extra bit of magic you need to get you off the ground. Once your business is in more stable times and your talent attraction strategy is in place, we revert to the initial fees, continuing to grow your business from small, to medium, to global superpowers, if that’s your dream.

We don’t want to make life harder than it is because the truth is, it doesn’t need to be. There are ways for us all to do business and bring the people around us up as we go, and we want to help you rise.
We rise as one.