Brewing Success Through Masterful Talent Infusion

CASE STUDY : Pabst Brewing Co.

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Pabst Brewing Co, a pillar of America’s brewing legacy since 1848, proudly showcases a collection of over 50 premium brands.

With Eugene Kashper’s acquisition in 2015, Pabst embarked on a journey of rapid growth, aspiring to elevate its portfolio through import and craft a unique beer assortment through innovation and acquisition.

Key Results

  • Filled 44 crucial roles across various functions
  • Swift talent delivery averaging 27 days
  • 60 days to secure offer acceptance

Immediate Impact

  • By strategically filling key roles, we helped Pabst Brewing Co execute their expansion plans effectively.
  • By sourcing and securing top talent across various functions, we contributed to Pabst’s ability to differentiate and elevate their brand portfolio, ensuring their continued success in the evolving brewing industry. 
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Diving Deep Into Company Culture

Our success with Pabst Brewing Co is a culture story. 

We dove into their significant cultural heritage. We dove into their brands. We told their story back to them. We knew what was important to their executive leadership team, what was important to the company, their employees, and their customers. 

We understood what Pabst Brewing Co represents to millennials and hipsters. We spent time getting to know the ownership, the board members, and the entire executive leadership.

Not only did we tell their story from a cultural standpoint, we also gave the company authentic feedback: the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Frothy Results and a Lasting Partnership

Protis Global emerged as Pabst Brewing Co’s prime talent acquisition and advisory ally.

Our fruitful collaboration with Pabst Brewing Co hinged on comprehending their company culture and immersing ourselves in their storied heritage, brands, and narrative. By forging strong connections with Pabst Brewing Co’s people—from ownership and board members to executive leadership—we expertly identified and presented candidates across a range of functions, such as sales, marketing, finance, operations, and IT.

Because we understood their company culture, we were able to handle 17 simultaneous position searches.

In total, we filled 44 essential roles, with an average talent delivery time of 27 days and a 60-day timeframe to secure offer acceptance.

Our partnership with Pabst Brewing Co propelled their expansion strategy and reinforced their diverse portfolio, reflecting our unwavering dedication to high standards, quality of scale, and genuine communication.

The impact of our partnership has not only propelled Pabst Brewing Co’s expansion but has also solidified their position as an industry leader, setting the stage for a future filled with continued growth and success.

And that’s premium talent, for a premium brewer.

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