Brand Premiumization
Through Talent Acquisition

CASE STUDY : Pabst Brewing Co.

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What We Did

Helped fill 17 critical roles in various functions.

Pabst Brewing Co: Brand Premiumization Through Talent Acquisition

Since Jacob Best turned out 18 barrels per batch in 1848, Pabst Brewing Co has held deep ties to America’s brewery heritage. From the iconic blue ribbon, first introduced in 1882, to the critically-acclaimed launch of ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ in 2015, Pabst Brewing Co today has a portfolio of over 50 premium brands. 

Following their sale to Eugene Kashper in 2015, the company embarked on a period of hyper growth. The new ownership needed to understand and evaluate organizational challenges, while bolstering human capital across multiple functions. 

Their objectives? Premiumize their outstanding portfolio through import, and build a craft beer portfolio through innovation and acquisition. 

With a hiring spree brewing to match their specific business objectives, Pabst Brewing Co selected Protis Global as their primary talent acquisition and advisory firm. 

With our commitment to high standards and quality of scale across the team, clients like Pabst Brewing Co know we can handle and execute high volume position searches, provide advisory services in post-acquisition evaluation, competition modeling, and respond to ad hoc requests. 

That’s why we’re still partnering to this day. But how did it start?

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Diving Deep Into Company Culture

Our success with Pabst Brewing Co is a culture story. 

We dove into their significant cultural heritage. We dove into their brands. We told their story back to them. We knew what was important to their executive leadership team, what was important to the company, their employees, and their customers. 

We understood what Pabst Brewing Co represents to millennials and hipsters. We spent time getting to know the ownership, the board members, and the entire executive leadership.

Communication and transparency are at the heart of what we do. Not only did we tell their story from a cultural standpoint, we also gave the company an authentic response: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not just the positives. 


Making Hiring Meaningful

From the top down, we built lasting relationships with the amazing people at Pabst Brewing Co. Once we really got to know the business and its objectives, we were ready to get to work. 

Because we understood their company culture, we were able to handle 17 simultaneous position searches at one time. Our deep understanding of Pabst allowed us to know who they  were looking for. 

So no matter whether it was sales, marketing, finance, operations, or IT – because we took the time to get to know people, we could deliver candidates – not applicants.

In total, we’ve made 44 hires, taking on average 27 days to deliver talent, and 60 days to reach offer acceptance. 

And that’s premium talent, for a premium brewer.

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