Giving Wings to the
Growth of a Consumer Beverage

CASE STUDY : Redbull

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What We Did

Helped Red Bull North America grow  from $750M to $4B

81 total Manager to VP Level hires.

Based on a recipe developed in the early eighties and first launched in 1987, Red Bull created its own product category: energy drinks.

Today it’s a global phenomenon, employing more than 12,500 people across 170 countries.

Exceptional global sales developments are the reason behind Red Bull’s continued sales growth. But growth of this scale (+10% in the US alone in 2020) doesn’t happen by itself. It takes good people. And good people tend to know good people.

When Protis Global first began working with Red Bull it was a $750 million business. It was a lifestyle brand seeking to expand in the retail sector.

The outside of a Redbull office building

Talent Recruitment to Raise Retail Sales

Protis Global was selected by the new CEO of Red Bull, Sélim Chidiac, to conduct six searches across sales, marketing, and operations in the Chicago market. Based on the speed and quality of the Protis Global searches, the CEO selected Protis Global to be their exclusive talent access partner.

The brief? Red Bull retailers needed to bring in fact-based and business insights driven sales people to support the highly profitable energy drink category. The talent pool was vast, but finding candidates of the quality expected by Red Bull required exceptional expertise in talent management with the ability to tell the Red Bull accurately.


Keeping Cultural Consistency to Protect Brand Integrity

At Protis Global we listen hard to clients needs and know how important it is to bring in people that will help fulfill your business’s strategic objectives.

We also ensure that the personal goals of potential candidates are aligned with what they can do for you. It’s not just about filling a role. It’s about finding the right people for you.

In the case of Red Bull, we needed talent who possessed strong analytic skills — but were not too rigid. This would signal a functional shift and maintain cultural consistency.

 A selection of Red Bull drink cans
Protis + Redbull

The Business Benefits of Tailored Talent Solutions

Ranging from managerial to vice president-level across sales, marketing, and operations, Protis Global enabled 81 placements during our working partnership with Red Bull. By the time we finished our project , Red Bull North American was a $4 billion organization.

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