Giving Wings to the
Growth of a Consumer Beverage

CASE STUDY : Redbull


Today it’s a global phenomenon, employing over 12,500 people across 170 countries.

Red Bull, a name now synonymous with high-energy pursuits and global ambition, was at a pivotal stage. We started to work with the North American division, which was at $750 million in revenue. Together with the Red Bull Distribution Company and Red Bull Media House divisions, this multi-dimensional entity required a rich mosaic of talents, and we were up for the challenge.

Key Results

  • Orchestrated the hiring of an elite group of 81 professionals across Red Bull North America (RBNA), Red Bull Distribution Company (RBDC), and Red Bull Media House. 
  • Refined the recruitment process to a razor-sharp average of just 3 interviews per hire, showcasing our targeted approach. 
  • Filled a dynamic array of roles spanning Sales, Distribution, Finance, General Management, and Marketing, thereby fostering a symphony of skill sets within the organization. 

Immediate Impact

  • Propelled Red Bull North America’s revenue to an astounding $4 billion+, reflecting the potent force of strategic hiring. 
  • Infused the Red Bull family with a vibrant array of talent, each ready to make their mark and drive the brand to new heights. 
  • Fortified Red Bull’s standing in the competitive marketplace, empowering them with an augmented team primed for executing key business strategies. 

The Challenge: Need for Lift-Off

Red Bull’s vision was set: they were ready to soar. Their ambitious growth trajectory demanded a team that could match pace. Yet, the existing hiring mechanism was akin to a prop plane when they needed a rocket. Multiple departments, from Sales to Marketing, yearned for fresh talent. They needed a recruitment partner who could not only understand their unique needs but also deliver at the speed of Red Bull.

Protis Global was selected by the new CEO of Red Bull North America, Sélim Chidiac, to be their exclusive talent access partner after we conducted six successful searches across sales, marketing, and operations in the Chicago market.


Keeping Cultural Consistency to Protect Brand Integrity

We stepped into the arena ready to ignite Red Bull’s ambitions. Our first move? A strategic overhaul of their hiring process, trimming it down to an impressively efficient average of 3 interviews per hire. This allowed Red Bull to bypass the turbulence of a protracted recruitment cycle, saving them precious time and resources. 

We immersed ourselves in the Red Bull ethos, understanding their culture, their mission, and their vision. This deep dive enabled us to attract candidates who were more than just qualified – they were Red Bull material, ready to contribute to the brand’s audacious goals. 

In the case of Red Bull, we needed talent who possessed strong analytic skills — but were not too rigid. This would signal a functional shift and maintain cultural consistency.

Protis + Redbull

The Business Benefits of Tailored Talent Solutions

Our mission was clear and the results — spectacular. From a healthy $750 million, we watched as Red Bull North America rocketed to an impressive $4 billion+ in revenue. We didn’t just fill positions; we curated a powerhouse team, capable of driving Red Bull to new stratospheres of success. 

Our journey with Red Bull exemplifies the transformative power of strategic recruitment – a testament to the magic that happens when the right people find their perfect roles.