Managing Exponential
Market Growth with a Big Brand Brewery

CASE STUDY : Mark Anthony Brewing

Mark Anthony Brewing Inc Logo

What We Did

Facilitated 25 placements

Hired top 10 management roles

Average placement time 27 days

With a portfolio of both iconic and innovative brands, Mark Anthony Brewing is the fourth largest brewer in the US.

They have a vast and established supply chain alongside several state-of-the-art brewing facilities.

When Mark Anthony Brewing partnered with Protis Global, they were bringing internal brewing capabilities to their Glendale plant for the first time. Staffing the management team at the one million square foot brewing and warehouse facility required fast and effective talent.

So how did Protis Global get the right personalized solutions in place for Mark Anthony Brewing?

Inside a Mark Anthony Brewing factory

Brewing the Right Flavour of Management

When Protis Global goes into partnership with your organization, we operate as an extension of your brand, listening to your business’s needs, desires and whims so that we can deliver timely, effective and value-adding talent access to your team.

Before designing our talent acquisition strategy for Mark Anthony Brewing, we did extensive data work on the roles to be hired, compensation packages, and targeted strategy. The management team needed to be hired before they broke ground. So Protis Global hired the top ten executive roles.

In total, Protis Global facilitated 25 placements across multiple business functions:

  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Category Management
  • Finance
Protis + Mark Anthony Brewing

Timely Talent Access

With the brewery breaking new ground at an exponential rate, it was crucial to make timely appointments whilst ensuring hires would help drive the organization’s strategic goals.

Due to Protis Global’s exceptional recruitment expertise and careful talent attraction planning, the Glendale top ten management was hired within three months. It took an average time of 27 days to find the right talent per role not for a total search time of just 49.6 days.

During Mark Anthony Brewing’s partnership with Protis Global in 2011, they were a 20 million case company. By 2021 they are currently in access of 200 million cases.

Looking to scale your business? Can you find the right talent acquisition to drive continuous improvement? Get in touch with Protis Global today.

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