By admin / August 16, 2017

  But, there are always some things you can do so we got our best recruiters to tell us their secrets and how they handle counter offers from their candidates. 1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS TALK ABOUT COUNTER OFFERS  Often too many recruiters believe every single word the candidate has told them and…

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By SKYE MILLER / August 10, 2017

1.   COMMUNICATION Talk to me baby, and then talk to me again. Your ability to communicate effectively with both your clients and candidates will be the difference between success and failure. It’s understanding what level of communication people need, how they like to receive it and even listening for the…

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Producing Productivity

By Bert Miller / August 1, 2017

can’t get the team to run and productivity has turned into a myth, you wonder why the Gods have all decided to punish you. Dramatics aside, producing productive teams is often the key to every success and business metric you need to hit, so we compiled some years of experience…

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By admin / July 26, 2017

GET IT TOGETHER Seriously, this is the biggest tip and will always be tip number one. Relocation is often an exercise in staying organized. Remember that time in college when you didn’t do your dissertation and kept putting it off because quite frankly there were better things to do, and…

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Golden State + Talent Attraction

By Bert Miller / June 28, 2017

Dr. Naismith would be proud—they share the ball, communicate, move unselfishly, sacrifice individually. A great example of this is Stephen Curry, a two-time NBA MVP who has taken a back seat to Kevin Durant. Golden State competes and plays defense which is all intelligence and putting in the effort. They…

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How To Fire Your Spouse

By Bert Miller / April 12, 2017

TAKE SOME TIME OFF While some employees that you’ve had to fire are a quick and efficient process, this is an exceptional circumstance and it takes time and care. It’s a process. A long game. If things aren’t working out from a business perspective, encourage some time off, giving the opportunity…

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