Vern Davis

Partner + SVP of Business Development


tel: (317) 258-5463

Meet Vern

Some people are just born to do this.

And Vern Davis is one of those people. He’s been working in recruitment for over 20 years and feels that connecting top talent with the right companies is a beautiful thing to watch—and it’s something he takes very seriously.

Vern believes that when people are put into positions where they’re able to do their best work, amazing things happen. That’s why he works so hard to help the Adult Consumable and Consumer Product Goods space companies find the right talent for their teams — and why our clients are so successful when they partner with us.

As the host of the Plant Prophets podcast, he speaks to leaders of top Cannabis brands to discuss their journey into the world of Cannabis. His expertise in the CPG industry has led him to guide talent to a better way of life, and in turn, shape the present and future of our Cannabis clients’ enterprise.

He is also an avid speaker at large national Cannabis conferences where he shares his vast industry knowledge with clients and audiences.

Vern graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Arts in General Business and Industrial Engineering.