The cannabis industry is new, booming and ever changing. This space is currently in the process of building its infrastructure and establishing foundational excellence. It is paramount that companies emerging and growing in this industry are comprised of dynamic, innovative talent. This industry essentially competes with all other industries. We have familiarized ourselves with all aspects of the industry at all levels in order to be able to seek talent that not only vibes with but thrives in a cannabis organization. This is one of our distinct advantages. Protis Global has access to and relationships with the best talent in consumer, food and beverage and other industries which excellently aligned to build a powerful and scalable cannabis organization. We are able to pull from a diverse set of industries in order to prioritize capability, competence and cultural fit. The industry is growing and changing faster than any other current industry. We are committed to not only facilitate but help cultivate this stride.

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Vernon Davis


Samantha Ford


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Tallahassee, FL
Lab Manager
Job Description: Job Title: Lab Manager Job Duties: 1- Directs the testing of flower, final products, derivatives and the like to:a) ensure final products are prepared with and from qua ... Read More
San Jose, CA
Business Systems Analyst
Job Description: Job Title: Business Systems Analyst Summary: The BSA is responsible for the identification and implementation of future state financial system processes for the Company ... Read More
Tallahassee, FL
National Production Director
Job Description: Job Title: National Production Director Summary: The National Production Director will be responsible for overseeing production in Florida, Massachusetts, and Californi ... Read More

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