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For 23 years we have partnered with some of the biggest names in banking, finance, FMCG, IT, hospitality, and food and beverage as well as emerging companies who are ready to expand quickly. The big guys trust us because we are efficient, trustworthy, and effective and new companies trust us to nurture and catalyze growth. The cannabis industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and we are committed to not only facilitate but help cultivate this stride.

This has momentum. So do we.

We work tirelessly to ensure that we are helping to build all companies robustly. We believe in order to do that it is integral that we provide these companies with talent of the highest caliber. All companies are different and distinct.We strive not only to value caliber, but cohesion and prioritize the type of talent you specifically need for companies to grow and flourish.


Samantha Ford

Samantha has developed a strong foothold with a keen understanding of the burgeoning cannabis industry in the US and Canada.  She is also forming an organization in The Bay Area, Women Leaders in Cannabis the major focus of which will be to connect established women leaders in cannabis – particularly founders, investors, policy makers and other industry professionals. The group is in the early stages of planning, but the goal is to bring women together for events with high-level decision makers from government agencies and the industry. Their mission is to provide a network of support and connections to serve them as they lead in areas of regulation, compliance, public policy, political support, C-level and Board involvement.

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