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What We Did

Helped place 15 candidates from specialists to management level

Presented 3.8 candidates for each hire

At the forefront of the emerging market of cannabis cultivation for natural pain relief, Trulieve offers compassionate care solutions when traditional medicine is not enough.

They’re one of the top cannabis companies in the US — with over 30 medicinal dispensaries.

Their first facility is in Florida where their state-approved, climate controlled environment ensures the cultivation of a pure and safe medicinal product. Trained staff work in conjunction with patients’ physicians, ascertaining suitable dosage and helping to alleviate a range of symptoms associated with medical conditions such as cancer, muscle spasms, pain, and nausea.

With state by state expansion a key part of the company’s rollout roadmap, they were faced with a recruitment need which Protis Global were able to fill. But how do you acquire the right talent for an emerging, much-misunderstood market?

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The Road Map For Massachusetts

In an emerging market, attracting the right talent from other sectors can be a challenge. How do you acquire plug and play talent from outside your own sector? That can be especially difficult when your business structure resembles a close-knit family like at Trulieve.

Trulieve’s strategic approach to expansion was one state at a time — specifically adding a new site in Massachusetts. To facilitate this growth they needed to build up the cultivation side of their business. This included construction, food and safety, lab management and processing.

As an industry leader, they knew their growth strategy. The state by state approach enabled them to gain a lot more traction and really focus on that space. What they needed was to fill very specific profiles for key roles with existing talent from other sectors.

So Protis Global helped Trulieve find the right talent. As an exciting and emerging sector, the medical cannabis market is appealing to many people right now. Getting the right fit, and best talent for Trulieve involving more weeding out than weeding in(!).

Protis + Trulieve

Taking A Leaf Out Of The Trulieve Playbook

Protis Global’s approach to Trulieve’s recruitment needs, really mirrored that of the company. They worked on a day to day basis with the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Human Resources to roles filled with the right people.

Recruitment in the food and beverage industries usually takes around 60 days from beginning to end. For Protis Global this was a 15-role project. From the initial intake call to offer acceptance, the average time taken to fill those roles was just 46 days.

On average we would present 3.8 candidates for each hire compared with 5.4 candidates on a similar food and beverage project.

Trulieve was a transparent and communicative recruitment partner who gave constructive feedback which enabled Protis Global to refine recruitment strategy as the process evolved. This relationship was a big win in terms of the turnaround time on the appointments. Not only that but the diversity rate in terms of gender and race was above the usual average at 53.3%.

Bringing in the right people solutions can help you achieve your business objectives – and that requires excellence and expertise. At Protis Global, we’re committed to delivering the right personalized solutions to your business, bringing our multi-sector experience to a partnership you can rely on.

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The inside of a Truelieve retail store