Reviving Company Fortunes
through Tailored Talent


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What We Did

75+ total placements.

$0 to $2.4B valuation upon going public. They’ve done on site partnership, search, and contract.

Function: Finance, sales, supply chain, operations, R&D, HR, legal, IT and marketing.

From Twinkies to DingDongs, Hostess is one of America’s best-known consumer goods brands, with a long history across the US.

However, despite its products’ popularity, the business’ fortunes have fluctuated in recent years. But thanks to some strategic business and accompanying talent decisions, this much-loved Heartlands company is now back on top. When Hostess launched a public offering in 2016, the company was valued at $2.3 billion.

Protis Global is delighted to have played a part in the company’s accelerated growth – as Hostess’ retained search partner.

Hostess employee working inside the Hostess factory

Back From The Brink

Facing bankruptcy in 2013, the Hostess brand was purchased by seasoned entrepreneur, Dean Metropolos, who seeing the sweet baked goods firm’s potential, has since turned it around completely.

As part of the company’s transformation with Metropoulos at the helm, Hostess underwent a major business transformation. This involved moving away from a direct store delivery strategy to a warehouse model.


Surging Ahead

Getting the right people in place has been crucial to reviving the company’s fortunes. When Hostess was looking to consolidate all of its employer agency relationships, Protis Global became the brand’s go-to retained search partner — for over 75 roles, across all business functions: from finance, sales, supply chain, operations, R&D, HR, marketing legal and IT.

Since the collaboration began in 2013, the Protis team has formed a close bond with the wider Hostess team — participating in National Sales meetings and company summits and carrying out on-site partnership, search, and contract hire services.

Hostess employees working together inside the Hostess factory

Protis + Hostess

Key Achievements

  • Number of roles recruited for: 51 placements — from entry level to C-Suite executives
  • Departments recruited for: All — finance, sales, supply chain, HR, and marketing.
  • Services provided: talent search, on-site partnership, contract hiring

Protis Global continues to be instrumental in helping the company procure the executive talent needed to revive this classic suite of brands.

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