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Billion Dollar Sustainable Dairy Brand Stateside


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What We Did

Helped fill 43 critical roles in sales, marketing, supply chain and analytics

With a proud history dating back to the 1880s, Europe-based Arla brand has built a billion dollar business based on natural, high-quality, and healthy dairy products.

It’s a heritage brand owned by farmers that has a simple mission — produce and provide the best dairy products.

But could it build a consumer brand to break the competitive US market?

Arla identified the US as one of six key growth markets and set up a goal to take on and build up a private label in the US ingredients sector, transforming it into branded goods.

So how did an established Danish brand reach out to the US market?

Expansion into new markets takes good people. Arla needed good people to oversee commercial expansion in roles like procurement, supply chain and marketing.

That’s where Protis Global came in.

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Breaking into America with Protis Global

With our commitment to excellence and focus on delivering personalized solutions to achieve strategic business goals, Protis Global quickly got to understand that Arla’s aims required more effective marketing and sales.

In fact, taking their established business into a new, emerging market, Arla’s biggest pain point was their sales team. So we started fulfilling Arla’s needs. The best course of action was to build out their marketing function, using an existing white label business already in place in the US. What they were aiming for was the development of a sustainable brands under the Arla and Costello labels.

Through talent attraction, Protis Global was able to develop the marketing team and establish Arla as a key player. We then focused on their sales, sales operations, and the rest of their operations functionality.


Scaling Sustainable Growth

Using Protis Global-supplied search and data, Arla was able to build marketing, sales, and operations functions.

In total Protis Global helped place 43 candidates in the following areas:

  • Regional sales
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Analytics

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