Helping to Grow a
Billion Dollar Sustainable Dairy Brand


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Arla Foods USA, an extension of the global dairy powerhouse Arla Foods, set its sights on the United States as one of its six key growth markets.


Their mission: To make a grand entrance into the US ingredients sector through private label offerings, and elevate these into branded goods under the Arla and Costello labels.

Key Results
  • Handpicked 57 exceptional professionals for Arla Foods USA, spanning critical roles in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Analytics.
  • Honed the hiring process to a sleek average of 4.88 interviews per hire.
  • Championed diversity, resulting in 54% of hires reflecting gender and ethnic diversity.
  • Delivered top candidates with impressive speed, averaging 29 days for candidate identification and 63 days from search initiation to offer acceptance.

Immediate Business Impact

  •  Catapulted Arla Foods USA into the competitive US market, transforming their private label offerings into sustainable brands under the Arla and Costello labels.
  • Fortified Arla Foods USA’s market presence, empowering them to achieve their ambitious growth objectives in the United States.

Crafting a Winning Team

With a proud history dating back to the 1880s, the Europe-based Arla brand has built a billion-dollar business based on natural, high-quality dairy products.

With our commitment to excellence and focus on delivering personalized solutions to achieve strategic business goals, Protis Global quickly understood that Arla’s aims required more effective marketing and sales.

In fact, taking their established business into a new, emerging market, Arla’s biggest pain point was their sales team. So we started fulfilling Arla’s needs. The best course of action was to build out their marketing function, using an existing white-label business already in the US. What they were aiming for was the development of sustainable brands under the Arla and Costello labels.

Through talent attraction, Protis Global was able to develop the marketing team and establish Arla as a key player. We then focused on their sales, sales operations, and the functionality of their operations.


The Perfect Blend of Strategy and Synergy

Protis Global embraced Arla Foods USA’s mission and set out to create a bespoke recruitment solution. Our first order of business: building a formidable marketing function, capitalizing on an existing white-label business as a springboard into the US market. Through our strategic talent attraction efforts, we sculpted a marketing dream team that secured Arla’s position as a key player in the American market. 

With marketing well in hand, we turned our focus to Sales, Sales Operations, and other operational functions. Our streamlined recruitment process, combined with our unwavering commitment to diversity, enabled us to fill critical roles with remarkable professionals, each bringing their own unique perspectives and experiences to the table. Our swift approach delivered exceptional candidates within an average of just 28 days and saw the hiring process through to completion in 63 days on average. 

Our recruitment efforts played a pivotal role in Arla Foods USA’s triumphant entry into the US market, transforming their private label offerings into thriving brands under the Arla and Costello labels.

As a testament to the power of strategic recruitment, our collaboration with Arla Foods USA demonstrated how the right team can bring even the most ambitious visions to life. 

Arla Innovation Centre building