Frank Judd and Skye Miller, Directors of Client Accounts at Protis Global, recently shared their insight as to why they believe it’s beneficial and even crucial for top talent to be open to working with a recruiter. They discussed the value they bring to the candidate experience by being a professional point person for them throughout the interview process while also managing and setting expectations.

This time we spoke with them about the benefits of working with a recruiter from the perspective of a client.

So why should you and your company work with an external recruiter?

The short answer is that recruiters act as the mouthpiece for you and your future team members facilitating effective, honest, robust, and efficient communication between both parties. Let’s put it this way: if time is money, recruiters aim to ensure that companies save a lot of it.

We believe everyone can benefit from a conversation with a recruiter. Frank and Skye outline what the advantages of working with a recruiting and advisory firm like Protis Global are for companies who want to change lives and build teams that propel their companies into dominance.



Frank: Well first of all I think it’s beneficial for companies to work with recruiters for the same reasons that we mentioned when we spoke about the resume advantages for top talent (*link to PART I). We know candidates experiences and have assessed them beyond what the resume is telling you. We can can answer questions and be more thorough. We can break it down from a skillset perspective but also from a cultural perspective.

Skye: Often, what a company’s HR team can’t do is assess the cultural fit solely because of the parameters of what they can and cannot ask. Based on resumes only they must put candidates in front of hiring authorities and it’s then up to the hiring authority to vet out.

Frank: When we present talent to a client we have already vetted them out culturally in addition to vetting them out professionally. We’re customizing the talent pool they meet with so that they don’t have to meet with a ton of people.

Skye: This shortens the time and the lifecycle of a potential search, and time is money.


Frank: We’re also an extension of their brand. We’re essentially an added brand ambassador out in the market detailing the company’s story in a manner that is dictated by the company. Furthermore we are able to give insight to the market as to that company’s business, goals, strategic objectives in a way that goes beyond a post on LinkedIn or a job board.


Skye:  You  have to keep in mind that, unless they have people that are focused on TA [talent acquisition], Human Resources is more than just talent acquisition. They’re doing everything within HR unless they have specific TA people.


Frank: Going back to being brand ambassadors, we have to be very cognizant of the reputation that we’re setting for the talent of the company and the overall interview process.

We are able to hold the company accountable. We can help break the perceived notion that recruiters don’t follow up.

We push our clients to make sure we get feedback and that the feedback is timely and thought out. We also push to ensure decisions can be made quickly especially because right now the market is candidate-driven. The data shows it.


Frank: That’s another thing: we bring data. We bring data that is real, in your space, and at the appropriate level. We provide data about what your competitors are doing, how they’re compensating, etc and it allows companies to feel like they have enough information to make well-informed decisions when they feel they’ve found the right talent.

Skye: We, as recruiters, also work with these companies to set realistic expectations with that data.

Well we try. Sometimes it doesn’t go so well. We get pushback from clients but ultimately we like to be able to use targeted data to work with our clients in order to have a strategic and targeted search.

We’re able to help clients either flex on their expectations or flex on the compensation/benefits based on the data that we’re bringing them. We become an education source for them.

Frank: Also a lot of the data that is available for free to our clients may not be specific to their territories. It’s typically national averages which says one part of the story but when you’re doing a search that’s specific to the market that they compete in, and where their talent is, the story is very different. You have to cross reference data sets to get targeted data.

Skye: They need to know their competitors, that market, that level, the diversity that’s in the marketplace, everything that’s available. They are getting all of that from our education and out weekly talent recaps which we provide throughout the lifecycle of a search.

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