Why should you work with a recruiter? You’re great at what you do and any company you want to work for will see your value immediately and hire you on the spot the nanosecond they get a chance to speak to you, right?

What was that? Did you just say it’s not like that? Did you say that finding the perfect position that satisfies your needs and ambitions personally, professionally, and financially isn’t that easy?

Yeah. We know.

So why should you work with a recruiter? Recruiters can speak to your personal, professional, and financial goals and ensure that the right opportunities for both sides are being pursued.

The short answer is that recruiters can act as mediators between top talent and growing, badass companies.

We believe everyone can benefit from a conversation with a recruiter. We also believe our recruiters are the best out there! I sat down with Protis Global’s Directors of Client Accounts, Frank Judd and Skye Miller, to learn what they believe are the key advantages to working with a recruitment and advisory firm for talent who is open to growth, mobility, and opportunity.


Skye: The recruiter knows what the company is looking for beyond just a job description and if you are the right fit. The recruiter likely has many clients as well so if you aren’t the right fit for this role you could be the right fit for a future position


Frank: Your recruiter will spend the time to speak with you on many occasions. These conversations are to better understand you and your skills in order to ensure that all parties are satisfied in the end. Recruiters also have the ability to provide data and information to help you make more well informed decisions.

9 out of 10 times our conversations and presentations of candidates are directly with the hiring authority so it, to some degree, breaks the barriers. Our conversations are usually with the people directly making the decisions. Contrarily, when you apply online the only people seeing the post will likely be a member of the HR team which is usually someone in talent acquisition.


Skye: Your recruiter can advocate for you. Often times high pressure situations don’t allow you to represent yourself 100% perfectly. Your recruiter can convey information and skills that you possess that you may not have been able to address to the company, hiring manager, etc


Frank: Recruiters ensure your resume gets seen by the right people. When a recruiter presents your resume to their client, you’re resume isn’t being processed and vetted by a machine. Those machines are simply scanning for keywords and throwing out potentially great candidates because those certain phrases and words aren’t present. Recruiters have the ability to clarify aspects of the the candidates experience and skills that go beyond what a resume states.

Recruiters have conversations that break down experiences and present a more thorough look into your candidacy versus you applying online and hoping that an HR Manager looks through it.”

Skye: Another thing is that working with a recruiter allows you to make your resume more competitive. A lot of people aren’t great at writing resumes and that’s definitely an added benefit and resource for FREE that they get. We see literally hundreds and hundreds of resumes so we know what sticks out and how to convey how you’ve impacted the business versus just a job description.

Frank: And to piggyback off of that, recruiters can also advise you on how to tailor your resume. You can have a ton of different experiences but aren’t sure specifically what is relevant to the company you’re applying to or what the company’s pain points are. We know what you need to highlight in order to make your resume pop. When we review resumes we can say ‘hey, we know you’ve done this and here’s why our client is going to want to see it so add it to your resume.’ It’s really tailoring the resume to the audience.


Skye: Since we are connected with the hiring authority usually, Recruiters are able to bridge the gap between decision makers and potential new team members.

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