Why Protis Global? From a Client’s POV.

“When you have the big recruitment firms of the world, the Protis Global difference is the people and the engagement of all team members.”


John Kennington has been a client-partner of Protis Global for over two decades. During this time, the Protis Global team has had the pleasure to work with him at five different organizations and 122+ candidate placements.

And believe it or not, John isn’t the only client we’ve had similar relationships with.

So, what keeps clients working with Protis Global for years to come?

John contributes that a significant factor of success working with Protis Global over the years has been focusing on the client’s Personal, Professional, and Financial goals and matching them to that of the candidates during outreach.

The ability of a talent partner to gain the depth of the client’s vision and culture then turns into a clear and concise message to potential candidates that will minimize mismatches and wasted time for all three parties (client, candidate, and talent search partner.

“Finding a talent search partner with a truly passionate team that wants to get to know clients and candidates equally makes client onboarding different from any other firm. I view this team not as recruiters but as consultants and solution providers.”


The Onboarding Process

Our client onboarding process clarifies the opportunity in the discussion, identifies major and minor needs, strategizes the process and timeline, sets expectations for milestones, and gives our clients the chance to meet the members of our team that will be involved in the search from beginning to end. The team dynamic of all involved from the start is a tremendous asset to our team’s understanding and delivering the right talent.

John and other clients often boast about a go-to-market strategy: the Market Message. The Market Message is a tool designed for enhanced candidate experience through client employer branding. It helps position what our clients are looking for properly while working closely with the hiring manager to set the search up for success and build on the company culture.

“In today’s market where most recruitment activities are about speed and transactions, Protis Global maintains solutions for business through people.”



Thank you to our long-time client partner, John Kennington for his continued support in helping the Protis Global team deliver a consultative and solutions-oriented result to our clients. We appreciate your feedback, and the feedback of other long-term client partners we have been honored to work with for decades.

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