What You Should Know About: Contract Staffing – PART I

WELCOME TO WYSKA… (What You Should Know About…)

This is an educational series that we hope will introduce you to many basic concepts and some industry jargon as well as expose you to the culture and industry status quo.

Today we’re going to scratch the surface of contract employment! Contract employment is becoming increasingly common in today’s workforce. Many industries outside the norm,  are beginning to understand the value in bringing in team members for roles that are “mission-critical.” so the opportunities are abundant and flowing.

Andres Rodriguez of ace Talent Curators, a recruitment agency focused specifically on contract employment, share a few basics you should know about contract employment.


This could be a really great option for freelancers. For candidates who want to be their own consultant or who have started their own consulting business, contract staffing agencies offer the benefit of having someone else selling your business talents for you as well as take care of paying you. They work a bit like a manager or agent does for an athlete or artist. They get you the gig and ensure you get paid.

How do you know if a contract employment facilitated lifestyle is for you?

Contract employment is a great options for anyone whose lifestyle already facilitates it. Often this is an opportunity for folks with a lifestyle that needs their career to work around it.

Consider if…

  • you are less concerned with climbing the corporate ladder
  • You are concerned with your full independence
  • You prioritize extreme flexibility
  • You enjoy resolving problems and issues
  • You are comfortable with the risk and lack of permanence
  • you are a stay at home parent
  • You are an athlete with on and off seasons
  • You are extremely proficient in one thing or you have one or two skills that you notably excel out.
  • You work to solely to sustain your lifestyle
  • You are approaching retirement and you still want to work but not all the time
  • You are working in an industry with high times and low times

Payment Structure

When a company hire a contract or interim team member, they are on the staffing company’s payroll. All they are obligated to pay is the hourly rate.

Bill rate is what the staffing company is charging the client on an hourly basis. The bill rate multiplied by the hours put in by the contractor is the only payment the client is responsible for

Pay rate is what the staffing company pays the contractor.

Conversion fee is what it will cost the company to buy out the contractor if the company wants to hire the contractor full time.

Temp-to-perm or contract-to-perm are commonly used phrases associated with a short-term contractor who ultimately gets hired to be a full time employee of the company they are contracted to. This opportunity can be stated in the contract or could be offered with no warning.

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