Trends come and go. Some stick, some don’t. Trends are only trending until… well… until they’re not. In which case, we then all have new trends to talk about. Trending topics are always a major point of discussion amongst us at Protis Global. We love to share articles and information about the latest and greatest and predict whether it’s here to stay or a short-lived wave.

Regardless, we all agree that it is imperative to be educated on these trends. We talk about them, so we thought you might like to listen in! So let’s get to it!

This week we’ll be talking about trends in contract employment. Thanks to Andres Rodriguez, Managing Director and President over at acetalentcurators.com (our sister company).

First up, we’re going to have a quick chat about the first trend which is… well… TRENDS.

A major trend is catering to the notion that right now consumer behavior is based in large part on trends. Consumer preferences shift quickly and companies are now seeing the value in being increasingly responsive to these changes. Contract employment offers companies the ability to bring in team members for a specific task or project. These are referred to as “mission-critical” roles.

The second trend being recognized, based on the increase of mergers and acquisition in the CPG space right now, is the prevalence of retired baby boomers looking for contract work.

Post retirement work is on the upswing because of the lessened stigma associated with contract work. In order to ease the transition into retirement or to simply have a continued stream of income, we are seeing an increase in baby boomers entering the gig economy. These seasoned businesspeople present a huge advantage for companies because they are able to leverage the most experienced generation and the wisdom they carry to a project or role. They can oversee projects and offer valuable advice.

Both of these trends are major driving factors in our last trend which is an increase in the need for interim executive talent.

Companies are now understanding that, in order to be responsive, they have to be on their toes. Often times, this means having fresh perspectives. Contract employment offers companies this opportunity. Hiring an executive to oversee and execute a major project or initiative can be a critical decision when figuring out how to stay competitive via innovation.

Alright that’s all folks! Do you want to know more about any of the topics we covered today? Let us know! Comment here or hit us up on our socials and let us know what you think and what you want to hear more of!

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