Trends come and go. Some stick, some don’t. Trends are only trending until… well… until they’re not. In which case, we then all have new trends to talk about. Trending topics are always a major point of discussion amongst us at Protis Global. We love to share articles and information about the latest and greatest and predict whether it’s here to stay or a short-lived wave.

So the question is, why do we pay any mind to them at all?

The short answer is, because you have to know the industry you’re operating in.  PAY ATTENTION AND DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. Exposure and knowledge is the only way to know what is a fad and what is an advance or advantage.

Wouldn’t more benefit come from betting on what is 100% known and stick to the plan?

First of all, it’s not a bet if its 100% certain and we all know nothing in business is 100%. You have to be responsive in your industry just to stay alive in today’s fast-paced business environment and being cognizant of trends are a part of that mindfulness.  

Regardless, we all agree that it is imperative to be educated on these trends. We talk about them, so we thought you might like to listen in! So let’s get to it!

This week we’ll be talking about BLOCKCHAIN.

What is it? Blockchain is a decentralized platform (or ledger) for tracking and processing cryptocurrency and digital assets chronologically and publicly. We aren’t sure how expansive this technology will be but rest assure this technology will impact every major industry. The idea is that every action and transfer in a supply chain or financial process is transparent and traceable in real time. In the case of

What could it do? Change society and transactional processes in their entirety globally. Cryptocurrency was the driving force behind blockchain, but it’s viable in so many other industries and applications. Cryptocurrency was derived from blockchain technology. Blockchain spreads the risk of infiltration across a network of users and diminishes the vulnerability of a server to external attacks and compromisation.

Where have I seen it? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and fintech.

What’s the catch? One potential threat to the integration of this technology is how it will affect industries such as banking. If banks start losing money because blockchain technology can reduce the involvement of the middleman, it will be a problem. There could potentially be a loss of billion- maybe trillions- of dollars from banks, companies like Paypal, and even brick and mortar stores.

Alright that’s all folks! Do you want to know more about any of the topics we covered today? Let us know! Comment here or hit us up on our socials and let us know what you think and what you want to hear more of!

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