• You’re addicted to winning. We are a competitive little herd!
  • You actually do change lives and it gives you one hell of a high.
  • You believe in things like accountability and integrity – there’s no wiggle room for settling for less on either of those attributes!
  • You actually enjoy the people you work with – you even spend time together outside of work!
  • You’re insanely handy with a golf club (even if you can’t make the ball go where you want it to.)
  • You can’t stop walking around the office every time you pick up the phone.
  • You understand that ‘get me a Panther’ means grab a coffee and not a jungle cat.
  • You adapt well to change because s*!t be forever changing around these parts.
  • You hashtag everything and even when you don’t want to, you can’t help it #obsessed.
  • You still don’t understand how to press ‘reply’ instead of ‘reply all’ to every group email.
  • You eat a lot of chicken. We really love our lean proteins.
  • You celebrate everything, the tiny wins as well as the big ones.
  • You understand the importance of failure so you learn to fail fast and keep moving towards the goal.
  • You understand what move fast, think slow means.
  • You make your boss buy you drinks just because.
  • You spend a lot of time eating from food trucks and you don’t feel bad about it.
  • You clap randomly and apparently for no reason at all.
  • When you hear Bert Miller yelling ‘what day is it?’ (You are prepped and ready to hear him coming down the office with his bullhorn!)
  • When there are always coladas in the kitchen! (Where do they keep coming from?)
  • Snack time is a real thing and there is a seriously developed food barter system.
  • When Dominic Tucci seriously states that Bourne Ultimatum is his favorite movie (seriously what is that?)
  • When Richard Ledesma rolls his eyes at you (you’re truly in the gang then).
  • When Richard Sharpe comes in every day dressed like he’s famous. (He may actually be!)
  • When you get called bro, for no apparent reason.
  • There is a bottle of bourbon somewhere on the premises… at all time. Period.
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