Did you check in? Have you tied up all of the loose ends at the office before you head to the airport? Do you have your laptop charger? Will your suit be wrinkled if you wear it on the plane? Will you have time to change before your meeting?

OVERWHELMED AND PANICKING YET? Yeah us too. – We’re going to try to help you.

Travelling for work can be stressful but necessary for many roles in today’s job market.

As we increase connectivity, our ability to collaborate with people on the opposite side of the country or world increases. Though technology can make it easier to connect, it also facilitates travel. Now, more than ever, travel is a relatively regular part of many roles.

It can be hard to balance travel with maintenance of the priorities you already have. Now, you have to accomplish your regular set of tasks and responsibilities as well as prepare and pack for a business trip. We know it can be daunting and this is one of the least ideal times to forget something.

Well have your back! We gathered a list of tips and tricks to keep in mind so your next trip can go as smoothly as possible!


These are definitely worth the hype. They help with organizing while packing but, for me personally, they are the most instrumental to a smooth trip DURING the actual stay. The packing cubes not only save space in my bag, but they help me keep everything in its place while i’m getting ready and pulling items in and out of my bag throughout.


If you land and are pressed for time, we suggest travelling with a knitted sweater as long as you aren’t required to suit up. Sweaters tend to not wrinkle so i always pack one to throw on if i need to be presentable at a whim.


Make sure you keep your phone and wallet at a convenient place in your carry on or on your person to ensure security checkpoints and pit stops are seamless steps in the process. Nobody enjoys fidgeting and contorting just to find identification, boarding passes, and/or money.


Often times, this time is treated like a complete wash. Whether you need to be productive or peaceful, there are ways to ensure you are getting what you need from this time.

Allow for time changes – keep yourself awake or take a snooze depending on what gets you closest to the right sleep schedule for the location.

Check the inflight magazine or the rumbling world wide web for a layout of the airport to estimate how long it will take you to get to your pick up location and then schedule your ride accordingly. This certainly helps by facilitating a smooth transition from airport to your next destination.


Expect to be exposed to cooties… Make sure you are loading up on Vitamin C, washing your hands diligently, and keeping those antibacterial products close. Know what to steer clear from! Time magazine released a report of the dirtiest places on a plane.

Expect for your battery to drain… Everything is digital now and our phones/laptops/tablets are the centers of our most important documents and applications. Keep a PORTABLE CHARGER or power source charged and ready to go at all times.

Expect mishaps and delays… Keep the essentials that you need in your carry-on/backpack. If, knock on wood, your bag does get lost, at least you aren’t completely out of luck! Have copies of major documents and files in a place that can be accessed from any device from any place.


Air travel is dehydrating. Change in climates and environments can affect your body’s hydration. In general, just drink more water.

We hope you picked up a trick or two help you next time you travel for work… or in general! If you have any other tips or tricks to add, we’d love to hear from you! Comment here or reach out to us on any of our socials!



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