The Best Advice I Have Ever Received Is…

We reach out to clients and candidates all the time and ask them what advice they would give individuals and certain scenarios. Industry leaders and company heads are a great source of business knowledge and wisdom. As we speak to many of these absolute badasses in their fields, we are sometimes surprised with where they received some of their most notable advice. This got us thinking about how, often, some of the best advice comes from the most unlikely people or places. 

So we reached out to the team to see some of the best – and maybe even worst – advice they have ever received. Here is what Trisha Patel, our Marketing Specialist, had to say…

What is the best advice you have ever received about working with people.

I have received a lot of advice about how to deal with people in the workforce. I guess my mentors and family thought I needed it – I can have a pretty potent temper. Needless to say, my natural demeanor may not be ideal for a professional environment. 

I’d say one of the most important lessons I’ve learned deals with expectations vs. reality. You cannot blame someone else or be angry at that person for not doing what you expected them to do if you never made your expectations clear. You have to be honest and transparent about your expectations in any scenario in order to mitigate error and potential “failure” due to ineffective communication. It’s also the best way, in my opinion, to hold other accountable. I make my expectations clear so that others know where I’m coming from and vice versa. It’s also helps me because i’ve realized not everyone receives information the same way.

If you set the standard and expectation from the jump and it’s agreed upon, all parties have chosen to be accountable for their part. Instead of coming to someone with a problem that will potentially blindside them, the conversation would be more like a follow up and a tweak. You can’t please everyone but you can attempt to be considerate. Be kind. Be genuine. Be clear. 

What is the best advice you received in college?

During undergrad, I had a handful of professors who made points or statements about life, career or the future that resonated with me heavily. I would say the most important lesson that comes to mind most often and has, in large part, shaped the way I make most of my professional and personal decisions is to ask myself “is the juice worth the squeeze?” before moving forward with any decision. Is the effort and resources allocated worth the potential outcome. Is what you put in worth what you’re going to get out of it or accomplish. I ask myself this question in so many scenarios, even personal ones. Is the potential outcome of this conversation worth the potential backlash? Is the fun I will have at this event worth the commute and allocation of funds? Is this career opportunity worth the risk associated with the shift? I would definitely say this and Pareto’s Law are two of the most valuable lessons, outside of the academic ones, that I took with me from undergrad as i developed into the professional world and the adult world in general. 

What is the best and worst advice you have ever received? What is the most valuable business lesson you have learned? Share with us your most notable piece of guidance via our socials or contact our Marketing Specialist, Trisha Patel at [email protected]!

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