You may have the right experience, the right connections, the right mindset and skillset, but are you living in the right place? Relocation is a normal part of getting a new job, but would you relocate for a job that you dont have yet?

Similar to Silicon Valley being the hub of tech in the United States, some cities are meccas of certain industries. NOTE: Austin, TX is also growing to be known as a tech-centric city.There are opportunities all over the US, but there are cities that put you at an advantage

This geographic strategy can be even more important when speaking specifically about the cannabis industry. It is pretty apparent that the cannabis industry would have geographic limitations. Not all states in the U.S. legally allow the consumption or purchase of cannabis medically or recreationally.

As of now only 9 states, plus Washington D.C., allow marijuana sales and use recreationally. __ states allow the sell and consumption of cannabis medicinally. 

It was predicted that the jobs available in the cannabis industry was projected to grow 220% in 2019.

If you are aiming to break into the cannabis industry, a change in geography could be something you would need to consider. Because of federal laws and regulations, there are some cities with way more opportunity than others. These are the cities with established and growing “cannabusiness.”

If you are looking to break into the world of legal cannabis, here are some of the places you could consider relocating too that you may not have considered before. 

There are the obvious contenders: California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Opportunities and growth will continue to exist in these places as they are the focal point of the “green rush” but there are a couple of shocking bits of information that we found particularly interesting! These 4 are some of the centers of recreational marijuana usage in the states, but there are also huge, and often more stable, opportunities in this industry in the medicinal side and the hemp industry. 

Right now with federal funding being a huge bottleneck and obstacle for large cannabis companies attempting to gain funding, salaries are not often able to be competitive with the salaries of other industries. If you are emerging in the cannabis industry, you will have to be strategic within the industry in order to gain the compensation you feel is necessary. Many companies are balancing the lower salaries with creative deals involving equity. 

According to MJBiz Magazine, in all categories of job type and level of seniority, the cannabis industry pays better in Maryland than all other states. If you want a direct comparison, “A dispensary manager in Maryland earns an average of $75,500—twice as much as the average $37,500 earned by dispensary managers in Oregon. As of early 2019, Maryland had 71 active medical dispensaries, while Oregon had four medical dispensaries and 605 recreational dispensaries.”

North Carolina’s medical marijuana industry and hemp cultivation is an often overlooked market. “Master extractors specializing in hemp are earning up to $120,000 per year in North Carolina, while the salary for a master extractor in Colorado may top out at $70,000.”

Massachusetts is a great option! “Master cultivators in Massachusetts earn $120,000-$150,000 per year—up to twice as much as the $70,000-$80,000 earned in Alaska.” 

The biggest takeaway is that “East Coast companies in search of candidates with marijuana industry experience are pulling employees away from West Coast rivals by offering better pay and perks.”

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