SOCIAL MEDIA SPELLED OUT: Instagram Swaps pt. 1

Social media is evolving and changing constantly. What is relevant today is obsolete tomorrow and what is predicted rarely ever occurs exactly as said. Gone are the days where managing your internet presence and profile was all about basic interaction and copy and pasted myspace themes.  Needless to say, social media is a phenomenon that is here to stay.

Social media is as much of a business tool as it is a recreational sharing platform.

Social media is where we advertise but it’s also where we learn about, interact with, and understand consumers and our audience. It is important.

There are countless social media applications. And it can be difficult to understand everything about every one of them. We’re going to try to help you out bit by bit and today, we’re focusing on INSTAGRAM SWITCH OUTS!

You may be working on your social media skills and wondering why certain actions aren’t making the impact that you anticipated. Often there are small adjustments to your strategy that could take your social media presence up a notch. We are going to outline a few suggestions for how to up your game via small changes in strategy!

What you’re doing now: Posting 5 times a day, every day, at the same times.

Step it up a notch: Post frequently and consistently,  but overloading the feed is actually working against you. There are algorithms that cause your followers to see you more frequently. If your content is paced well, it is more likely to be seen. Factoring in your analytics, plan posts that are consistent but not flooded.

What you’re doing now: Posting quotes and motivational statements graphics multiple times a week.

Step it up a notch: Quotes and motivation are great, but the graphics can break up the flow of your profile’s feed. Keep in mind that sharp, on-brand images can accompany quotes in the caption too. Be strategic.

What you’re doing now: Using clever hashtags only.

Step it up a notch: Hashtags do not have to be blatant. You can tuck them away at the bottom of your caption or in a comment on your post. They are useful.  We like to utilize 3 types of hashtags in everything we post. 1. Common hashtags with hundreds of thousands of posts such as #motivationmonday or holidays. 2. Industry specific hashtags such as #cannabis or #adultbeverage 3. Hashtags that are specific to your organization. Come up with a short list of custom hashtags for you and your team to use every time you post.

What you’re doing now: Posting only on your instagram feed and only putting reposts on your story.

Step it up a notch: USE YOUR STORY! It is an asset. The short form content is perfect for getting a quick, sharp message out. You can ask questions and gauge your audience. This is a major tool. Use it! Make graphics and content specifically for your story. Also don’t forget to utilize your highlights. A well organized highlight section of an instagram can add value to your profile.

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