Hospitality is a feeling and an experience. The hospitality industry is incredibly expansive. It would be hard to argue against the notion that any service industry has elements of the hospitality industry.

Let’s talk about social media and how it relates to your new hospitality business. By now we all know what social media is, how it works, and why it is important. When you are starting a new business or growing your business’ social media presence, it’s important to prioritize high quality content and interactions. By no means is social media a great place to take a quality OVER quantity approach. The key is to prioritize, both, quality and quantity in a manner than leads to CONSISTENCY.

We know that a company’s social media presence matters whether your business is B2C or B2B. Social media, for many of us, may be the first point of interaction and exposure to your company.

We know that it’s crucial to your social media presence to put out consistent and cleverly curated content that represents your company’s culture, mission, and brand.

Specifically, the hospitality industry is having a major social media boom. The vibe of an establishment and its social media presence is a large part of the reason customers are drawn to visit. Interacting with brands, restaurants, chefs, hoteliers, and really all service establishments and key players is key to garnering relationships with people.

We know that it all seems easier said than done. Social media takes time!

Besides content, the other important part of social media that is less talked about is the imperative nature of your social media INTERACTIONS.

Interactions are what build relationships on social media. It’s the “social” part of the platform. Interacting with business and people who are aligned with your company gives you the opportunity to be seen by account holders who could be your potential future clients. At the least, it helps you build your brand. These interactions should be curated and on brand. This is a chance to be associated with products, companies, and people who you deem valuable and aligned with your messaging.

This is one of the many reasons why who you follow is just as important as who follows you.

The hospitality business is, again, diverse. A company can be buttoned up and represent itself with sophistication and formality or it could be gritty, colloquial, and cheeky. It could be anything in between. The trick is to stick to your brand and to know your audience. The marketplace, consumer’s impressions and feedback of your company, announcements, changes, wins, etc all live in some form of social media now. One trick to sticking to your brand is to think of your company on social media as a person. Who is that person? How do they speak? What do they like and support? What is this person’s personality? Cater your messaging and interactions to that person.

BUT WE GET IT – Social media can be intimidating! There are so many accounts and so many genres of content.

Each industry has its own set of influencers and power players that, in general, it’s key to pay attention to. We compiled a list of who we think you should be following if you’re building your business in the hospitality industry.

Francine Rodriguez, Hospitality Recruitment Manager, shares her top companies to follow if you’re building a business in the hospitality industry:


Union Square Hospitality Group (@ushgnyc)

ESquared Hospitality (@esquaredhospitality)

Momofuku (@momolongplay)

David Chang (@davidchang)

Dig Inn (@diginn)

Sweet Green (@sweetgreen)


Patina Restaurant Group (@patinagroup)

Shake Shack (@shakeshack)

Wendys (@wendys)

Wagamama (@wagamama_usa)

The Society Hotel (@societyhotel)

The Standard (@thestandard)

Joel Robuchon (@joel.robuchon)

Also keep in mind that local restaurant groups and hospitality groups are key to connect with. Additionally, any type of travel affiliated company that caters to your line of hospitality (i.e. a cruiseline or travel agency) is a strategic connection and interaction.

If you would like assistance or guidance when establishing and building your new business’ employer branding, contact Protis Global’s marketing Marketing Specialist via email: [email protected].

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