Questions to ask in an interview that will set you apart from the competition

Okay, so you scored an interview – Congrats! But what now? 

Interviewing for a new role can be exciting, intimidating, and anxiety-driven all at the same time. BUT proper preparation can not only put you at ease and make you more confident going in, but it can also leave a positive-lasting impression on the interviewer if done right! 

How? Be sure to come prepared for your interview with thoughtful, insightful, and impactful questions. We recommend having at least three questions ready to ask… 

And as a tip: Don’t wait until the end of the interview when they ask “What questions do you have for me?” Ask these questions as they become relevant throughout the conversation.


Ask these questions as they become relevant throughout the interview.

  • What do you enjoy most about working with [company name]?
    This is a question that gives you insight into the company culture, professional growth opportunities, and more while being a little more personal with the interviewer. If something in their answer relates to you, feel free to respond with your excitement and why.


  • I noticed on your social media that the company has [been expanding, launching new product lines, exponentially hiring, promoting the mission]. This is very exciting to me, as I am very interested in working with an organization that promotes this. How will the position I am interviewing for, impact this?
    A more advanced question shows the interviewer that you have done your research and are imagining long-term opportunities with the company. It shows more depth to your understanding of the company, outside of the job description that was written, and that you think about how you personally can fit into the equation.


  • What are the current goals that the company is focused on, and how does this team work to support hitting those goals?
    Getting insight into how the company and team plan revenue, teamwork, progress, and goals is an extremely important step to understanding the culture and future. Is there a revenue goal in place? What does that look like? How is the team responsible for contribution? Is there a plan for how each team member is responsible for their part? Understanding the depth of organization and focus will allow you to envision if this culture is right for you short and long-term.


  • What is your onboarding and training process like?
    Depending on the role you’re interviewing for, this may be an extremely important question for you. For example, if you’re newer in your career or industry, the onboarding and training process sets the stage for your experience at the company, and potentially even your future. Is there a structure to the process? Is there a training and development team you can lean on for all questions? Is the process conducted by your direct manager or a team specifically designed for this? Is there a training manual or videos? These are thoughts to have in mind as you think about what’s important to you.


  • What career development and learning opportunities do you offer for someone in this role?
    If you are seeking the opportunity for continued learning and long-term advancement through the organization, this is the question to ask. It allows you to understand how deep the leadership team has thought into the team and the company’s future growth, structure, and revenue. It also helps you identify the kinds of support you may need as a contributor.


  • I would love to understand how you will identify if the person in this role has been successful at 90-days, 180-days, and 1 year.
    Has there been KPIs that have been identified by the leadership team? Have they thought through how this role will affect revenue, the rest of the team, organizational structure, or more? This also helps you to have baseline expectations of your success, and the opportunity, later on, to give support to a conversation about a raise or promotion.


  • What, in your eyes, differentiates this company from others in the same industry – Whether it’s people joining the organization, clients choosing [use company name], and buyers choosing this brand?
    Ever wonder how the team members of an organization perceive the brand? This question will give you insight into that… And one that you should ask every person who interviews you. They may all have different perspectives from their “seat” but the things that should remain consistent are in regards to the values and benefits the brand adds to its’ buyers. Consistent understanding and messaging across departments add to the fluidity of the team.


  • Why is this role open currently and how long have you been searching?
    Simple and straight to the point, yet intensely enlightening. Is it a new position recently developed? Is it additional support to someone already in this role and they’re building out the team? Did the last person leave or get let go?



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