Protis Global Continues Growth and Expands Further into the CPG Wellness Category

Protis Global, an affiliate of MRINetwork and leading people solutions firm, is pleased to announce that James Meder, Founder of Fast Twitch, has joined forces with the firm in order to expand its reach in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space to the booming Wellness space. James has been in the performance and wellness space for 15+ years. 

Michael Bitar, Protis Global Partner and General Manager, commented, “James is bringing a wealth of knowledge to Protis Global in the Health & Wellness space.  His 10+ years as a successful entrepreneur and business owner in the Health & Wellness sector give James a unique ability to really sit down with companies and provide them incredible insights into how to scale their businesses.  His natural curiosity coupled with his amazing drive will enhance the vibrant Miami Office Protis Global culture.” 

He has a reputation as a tremendously hands-on entrepreneur. This closeness helped him to recognize the industry’s need for people-centric solutions at all levels of business. This comprehension of how top talent can facilitate growth for a company is what brought James to Protis Global.

As a result of years of immersive experience in the fitness and wellness industry, he has developed a strong network of contacts and relationships which allow him to bring a robust set of connectivity, skills and knowledge to Protis Global’s client partnerships in the Wellness space. Meder has been working closely with Protis Global’s Marketing and Data & Analytics teams to engage the wellness space in a strategic manner which incorporates metrics and outreach tracking in order to mitigate procedural bottlenecks and mechanize his business development process overall. 

Meder has a proven track record for growing and developing a brand as well as developing the people within the organization. Prior to joining Protis Global, he founded a comprehensive performance facility which he grew to 7 facilities across 3 states. Through this company, he was able to garner, develop, and maintain a robust Under Armour Elite Training facility partnership as well as train NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA athletes. He has hired and trained over 100 coaches throughout the duration of his company’s growth. 

James notes that “[he has] known Protis Global’s Founder and CEO, Bert Miller, for quite some time and [has] relied on him for advice during several key moments as [he] scaled my own business in the past. The commitment to innovation and results that [he has] seen drew me towards Protis Global. The methodology and systems behind Protis allow us to impact this emerging $4 trillion industry speedily with solutions around sourcing and retaining talent. Today, many wellness companies are notably purpose-driven and socially conscious, directly impacting areas like health, hunger, climate, sustainability, and diversity. [He sees] this as an opportunity, not only to help build companies, but to help drive true change.”

About Protis Global: Protis Global operates with the sole purpose of being the most forward-thinking and value added strategic partner in all people-focused business solutions. The mission is to be the superior authority on human capital.  Twenty-four years of experience has given Protis Global the expertise to navigate various industries with intense focus and precision. With an incredible knowledge of diversity and the understanding that talent is the foundation of every organization, Protis Global masterfully tailors each partnership to their client’s goals.

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