Protis Global, the industry-leading executive recruitment and advisory firm for over two decades, is pleased to announce the promotion of Richard Ledesma to Chief of Staff. Richard Ledesma will continue to oversee the day to day operations of the organization and will now also preside over the Internal Talent Attraction, Marketing, and Research + Data divisions.

Richard Ledesma joined Protis Global in 2014 and has been instrumental in facilitating the flow and operations of the organization’s day to day. Ledesma works tirelessly, with the help of his Operations Administrator, to guarantee that Protis Global operates at the highest functional level possible. Ledesma procures and integrates the office and team with the latest technological innovations and advances. He is the point person for all contract negotiations, planning and human resources. Ledesma also maintains all strategic business objectives for the organization. As Chief of Staff Richard will further manage the programs and movement within the office as well as carry out strategic initiatives for the organization.

Ledesma boasts an expansive career in human resource management and operations. He has dedicated the last 5 years to Protis Global and has effectively become a pillar to the organization as well as the glue that holds the team together and functioning. In regards to his promotion, Richard Ledesma remarks, “I’m overjoyed to take on this new phase of my career and continue to keep the arrow pointing up at Protis.  I walked into Protis Global 5 years ago and took off running.  I’ve stumbled at times, and even fallen face first in the mud, but five years later I know the times I’ve crossed the finish lines with the support of my team have been glorious.”

Protis Global is a professional services firm specializing in talent attraction and is a known player in the talent attraction and executive solution space, servicing Consumer, Food and Beverage, Cannabis, Hospitality and Banking. In addition to performing high level searches for talent and facilitating critical business interactions, Protis Global offers professional services such as Data + Talent Analytics, Employer Branding and On-Site Partnerships. Protis Global has built a reputation for building quality teams with only the most proficient talent at both, the operational and executive level.

Protis Global Co-Founder and CEO, Bert Miller shares the viewpoint that “Richard Ledesma has been paramount to Protis Global’s current streak of five consecutive years of record breaking production. He facilitates the success of each and everyone one of our team members with the spirit we live by #PGriseasONE. We have come to expect a high level of operational excellence and his contribution has been instrumental to that expectation in our organization. I am, as is the entire PG family, excited for Richard to take on this new  role.”

Partner + General Manager of Protis Global, Mike Bitar, states, “Richard’s contributions to this company over the last 5+ years have been nothing short of remarkable.  He has had an impact on all aspects of the business.  Immediately after starting at PG he led the relocation of the office. This was not only a move within Miami, but the moving of the HQ from Indianapolis to Wynwood.  He has implemented process, structure, additional office expansions, new business set ups, among many other day to day activities. Richard takes the business very seriously and understands the impact we have on our PG team members, our candidates and clients.  I personally enjoy working with Richard and appreciate his dedication and insights.

This move to Chief of Staff will allow Richard to continue to impact every aspect of the business.  I am excited to watch PG and Richard grow with this opportunity.”

More than ever, Protis Global is situated to continue its growth within the professional services industry, providing a full-service talent agency for the consumer, food and beverage, cannabis, hospitality and banking industries.

About Protis Global: Protis Global is a leading executive search and advisory firm specializing in the consumer, food & beverage, cannabis, hospitality and banking industries. Protis Global operates with the sole purpose of being the most forward-thinking and value-added strategic partner in talent attraction. With an incredible knowledge of diversity and the understanding that talent is the foundation of every organization, Protis Global masterfully tailors each partnership to their client’s specific goals and vision. Visit Protis Global at

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