I mean… we are, but we are so much more. 

Protis Global began almost 25 years ago as an executive search and recruitment firm; however, out of necessity and the natural progression of the industries we serve we have been able to expand our reach and capabilities. The experience and knowledge we’ve gained have developed our ability to essentially facilitate and mechanize substantial and sustainable growth for our clients and partners.

We are currently seeing the lowest unemployment rates since 1969. Though there are more jobs than there are talent to fill the roles, often the supply of talent isn’t the problem as companies build and cultivate their organizations. After speaking to hundreds of thousands of candidates and myriad entrepreneurs and hiring authorities we have realized that the main problem companies are having and have always had is not with finding talent but with finding the right talent.

In fact, James Meder, Senior Business Developer spoke about this upon joining the PG Family. The health and wellness entrepreneur expressed that, “through conversations with dozens of entrepreneurs or executives and as [he] was in the process of scaling his company [he] realized that, it’s common to have great idea and concepts, but great companies have the talent to actually execute that vision.” Talent has to understands and supports the mission of a company and align with the culture. That’s why talent is the key catalyst or inhibitor to growth that is worthwhile.

The best person for the job is not necessarily the candidate who looks the strongest on paper but the candidate who is a cultural fit and understands how to excel while putting the needs of the organization first.

We realized that building and optimizing a copacetic team is key to growing and scaling an organization and maintaining success and this takes so much more than simply placing a candidate.

We are available to companies of all sizes at varying stages in their conception and growth process.

After speaking to our clients and candidates we place an emphasis on understanding their needs. For candidates, we learn and prioritize their personal, professional, and financial needs. For our clients, we delve into the company at all aspects of the business and offer a full set of services:

  • Coaching
  • Interim + Contract Staffing
  • RPO + On-Site Partnerships
  • Data + Talent Analytics
  • Employer Branding
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Retained Search
  • Team Assessments
  • B2B Connections
  • Outplacement
  • Board Appointments

Long story short, we are so much more than an executive search and recruitment firm. Growing a company and hiring team members is simple. Cultivating strategic and viable growth is difficult. Our immense industry experience and understanding of this space has equipped us with the tools to help our clients achieve this. We are currently a leading full-service business growth and development firms in the FMCG/CPG, Hospitality, Cannabis, and Health + Wellness industries.

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