Meet ace Talent Curators

Did you know we have a sister? Her name is ace Talent Curators and you should definitely know her too.

Protis Global is a full-service people solutions firm. We understand how talent can impact a business at all levels and work tirelessly to offer people solutions off all kinds to our clients.

You’ve heard of Protis Global and you know what we do, but did you know about our badass sister, ace Talent Curators?

Ace Talent Curators focuses specifically on contract employment opportunities while Protis Global sticks to the permanent side. aceTC has all of the resources and benefits of Protis Global and works with us so that, together, we can help any company is virtually any way when it comes to talent solutions.

We sat down with Managing Director + President of ace Talent Curators, Andres Rodriguez and aceTC recruiter, Maria Soto, to learn more about ace Talent Curators (aceTC) and check in on how things are going since Rodriguez officially took over in March of this year!

Here’s some of the Q&A!

Who is ace?

The leading marketplace for interim executive and contract talent in the consumer goods space. We are a solution for any sort of talent need outside of a permanent hire. 

If you have a challenge in the business or an opportunity in the business that needs to be resolved or taken advantage of BUT you don’t have the permanent headcount for it, we want you to think of aceTC.

Where do you get your talent?

There are people in 3 major stages in their career that we see typically form the talent pool for ace with. 

Our talent comes from:

  1. People that are between roles. Typically we are looking for the best in this category so we are looking for people who have been laid off and reasons that like which are good and valid reasons to be between roles. We source them carefully to ensure that these are not people who jump around a lot and have holes in their background but are just in a different position right now. 

There are a lot of advantages for people in this situation. There are typically less hoops to jump through so there are less interviews. If they aren’t great interviewers it’s a great way to get in their and show a company what they can do instead of talking about it in an interview. It also helps them keep their skills sharp.

  1. People who are towards the end of their career and aren’t ready to fully retire but are looking to taper in some way. They are beginning to think about retirement but are extremely productive and accomplished and are typically executives who don’t want to unplug completely. They want to continue using their skills and their minds and we can help them do that part-time OR full time for a short or defined period of time. 
  2. People who make the deliberate decision to do this type of work. Typically in the middle of someone’s career, they have developed a skill set that is in demand in the marketplace so they have made the decision to be independent consultants. They have decided to freelance. We think of them as independent business owners and we are simply brokering independent consultants. 

We have so much more to tell you about our sis, ace Talent Curators. Be on the lookout via our blogs and social media channels to learn more!

If you think your company could benefit from interim or contract roles, you think you may want to step into a less permanent role, or you just want to know more about ace Talent Curators, reach out to Andres Rodriguez at [email protected] or go to!

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