Gratitude by Protis Global

Let’s talk about gratitude. It’s easy to feel, but have you expressed it lately?

I mean let’s be real… We are a “Yelp” generation where we turn to the internet and the comment boards mostly to complain. We seldom choose a time to be deliberate about expressing gratitude when something positive or changing happens. 

A single statement of gratitude is pretty easy to drum up when you are sitting around the dinner table on Thanksgiving and you’re put on the spot, but we challenged our team to bring forth the gratitude a bit before Turkey Day!

Sure, we have beer on tap and awesome clients with amazing product lines that we love to sample and enjoy. We have a modern in-house cafe that is fully equipped with the fanciest coffee machines. Also, we have to mention how cool it is that our Miami HQ is in the heart of Wynwood! We feel such appreciation for the little things like this, and there are so many other reasons we are grateful for Protis Global, our leadership team, and all of the members who have helped shape the company culture and processes that cater to our success and growth. 

We want to share our appreciation and recognition with those who have created and garnered this situation to us and to all of you! As I mentioned, we asked some of our team to tell us what about Protis Global they were thankful for! Here are some of our responses.

We are, of course, going to kick off the gratitudes with our first in command – our CEO – Bert Miller. 

I am grateful for being to able to have built an organization that is caring, inclusive and delivers results.

Frank Judd, Director of Client Accounts

I am grateful for the transparent and accountable atmosphere provided at PG. We are a team of overachievers who love deadlines and being held accountable for our goals. It makes working within a team model productive, inspiring, and effective.

I am so very thankful that PG provides an environment where creativity isn’t only welcomed, but expected. We are not interested in a bunch of robots who like to copy and paste a one-dimensional approach to problem-solving. Creativity in approach, consultative solution development, and effective relationship builders thrive here and it makes career building an intentional focus.

Amanda Pita, Client Account Manager

I’m thankful that PG has given me so many opportunities to learn, grow and take on different challenges. They have given me the ability to express what I am curious about and open as many doors as possible for me to explore those interests.

Adam Poncharoensub, Operations Administrator

I’m thankful for a culture that fosters growth and learning. With fairly transparent goals, progress, and leadership, I’ve learned so much both professionally and personally more so than any other position I’ve held in the past. And growing in such a wonderfully warm culture of the family makes it feel more organic, giving me a stronger desire to continue growing.

Francine Rodriguez, Senior Recruitment Manager

I am thankful that PG is an innovative space where we can constantly challenge our skill sets and abilities. I feel that we are a team that is continuing to push the envelop and constantly at the front-line of what our industry does. I am thankful for the ability to leverage relationships both from an internal and external perspective.”

James Meder, Senior Business Developer – Wellness

I am thankful that PG is a place where the best idea wins out, where suggestions are not taken as criticisms but as part of our culture that allows us to evolve and improve.

As you can see, there are many reasons to be grateful for the culture, values, support and expectations at Protis Global. We’ve only scratched the surface! If you think PG sounds like a place where you could thrive, hustle, and grow, reach out to Lars Miller, Manager of Talent Attraction at [email protected]!

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