That’s magical. We don’t take that for granted and we know we’ve got something truly special on our hands. Because you can have the most skilled individuals in your business, but if they don’t operate as a team, your organization won’t go anywhere. A well-bonded team will always achieve more than a group of highly skilled individuals who aren’t bonded, and as Irma recedes and we begin to peep our heads above the parapet, we realize just how good we’ve got it to have a team that continued to place candidates, execute on high-level consultancy projects and take calls, even when the worst storm of their lives was raging outside.

A team like that can achieve absolutely anything. Our mantra over here at Protis Global is ‘we rise as one’, hence our hashtag #PGriseasONE and as we’ve all risen together through this storm, never has that been truer.

To all our team, thank you for being the best tribe we could ever have. And to our clients, thank you for being so supportive through this. We can safely say that on both sides of the fence, we really do work with some awesome people.

If you’re interested in donating to the disaster efforts please check out Charity Navigator’s website which gives you an array of charities with ratings that are doing the work!

We will be digging into the attributes we’ve noticed in our culture which allowed us to weather this storm, and look forward to sharing them in the upcoming blogs — so keep your eyes peeled. Feel free to comment with insights or feedback of your own below! The more we engage and learn from each other the more we can build badass teams across the globe.



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