In all industries there can be moments, people, conversations that change the course of a career. Memorable points in someone’s business life like these can change the way we continue doing business. 

Francine Rodriguez, Recruitment Manager focused specifically on the hospitality industry, has been in the ‘hospo’ world for almost a decade. She has been a hospitality recruiter for a few years in our fast-paced and ambitious hospitality team so it’s safe to say she has had countless experiences and interactions. Though most interactions tend to follow some sort of pattern or level of normalcy, once in a while there will be a case, client, candidate, story, or simple interaction that changes the way you continue. Rodriguez shares another short anecdote of challenges in her career that she has faced that have pivoted her in some way and catalyzed her growth and success.

All names and locations have been changed or left out because we’re pretty keen on anonymity. 

Manage Expectations… Mine and Yours

“When we begin working with clients we get a grasp for every aspect of the company as well as the company’s needs. We want to know where we are filling in gaps and where we are building out extensions. We also feel it is imperative to understand who the company actually is so we know the type of person we are looking for. We ask ourselves “What kind of person is going to complete their team and put this company in the best possible position to carry out on the goals they have said they are aiming for?” We also ask ourselves “What kind of person will fit in, be happy, and thrive in this role?” 

We aren’t filling roles. We are building teams and solidifying infrastructures for many of these organizations.

Often times when we begin these conversations, we are given a compensation range. Basically we are told how much of a potential investment a company is willing to make in the person filling the role being discussed. 

It happens all the time but for the sake of this story I will share my account of one specific time that helped me pivot my mindset for my future interactions. 

We were speaking to a new client and understanding their needs, wants, and capabilities. They gave us a compensation range and an indication of the caliber of candidate they would like to see. It turns out the type of candidate they wanted was nearly impossible to attract at the salary they were offering. 

The client did not understand that they needed to either lower the level of candidate required or increase the potential compensation. I was frustrated and the search began to feel daunting and endless. After multiple conversations with the client I was able to come to an understanding and we finally saw eye to eye. We found the sweet spot, if you will!

One of the biggest challenges was feeling overwhelmed and as if the client gave me unrealistic expectations. I learned a crucial lesson about managing expectations while still delivering what the company needs. I learned how that leveraging ability and talent with investment from the company has to be conveyed clearly. I also learned how to not let my emotions cloud my determination. 

These moments were challenging but nothing worth it comes easy. 

We know these moments aren’t isolated to our industry and we would love to hear about your experience! Share with us here or via social and let us know about a time, person, or situation that changed you professionally!

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