In all industries there can be moments, people, conversations that change the course of a career. Memorable points in someone’s business life like these can change the way we continue doing business. 

Francine Rodriguez, Recruitment Manager focused specifically on the hospitality industry, has been in the ‘hospo’ world for almost a decade. She has been a hospitality recruiter for a few years in our fast-paced and ambitious hospitality team so it’s safe to say she has had countless experiences and interactions. Though most interactions tend to follow some sort of pattern or level of normalcy, once in a while there will be a case, client, candidate, story, or simple interaction that changes the way you continue. Rodriguez shares two short anecdotes of challenges in her career that she has faced that have pivoted her in some way and catalyzed her growth and success.

All names and locations have been changed or left out because we’re pretty keen on anonymity. 

Don’t Judge A Book by the Cover… or the Summary

“One candidate I was corresponding with had an incredible finance background who was aiming to pivot to the hospitality space. Unfortunately, he was incarcerated for a number of years for reasons that are confidential. During his time “away” he put a significant amount of effort towards rehabilitating himself in many aspects. He put in the work necessary to push forward himself personally, professionally, and most importantly, mentally.

I knew he had what it takes to be the best at the role I was proposing him for, however, I have to admit that i had a small amount of skepticism that our client would be able to see beyond his past and see the man he is now. Fortunately, they saw what I saw. 

I learned that when someone has a story it is not a barrier. With grit, determination, and the ability to convey progress, there is a shot for everyone. Second chances exist.

I learned about challenge and overcoming obstacles. I learned a lot about how detrimental preconceived notions can be and that they have no place in hospitality.”

Be Careful What You Wish For… But Be Ready When It Happens

“I was working with an extremely high volume team. There were roles and tasks consistently and it was what I had hoped would happen for a while. A steady pipeline of jobs to fill and an entire team to build is what he aim to have in this industry. I felt like a well oiled machine. Then the luster wore off.

This is what I had always wanted and now that I had it I was I was overwhelmed and I felt like I was almost drowning in the monotony of it all. Being overwhelmed became what i was focusing on and I stopped being so appreciative of the opportunity. I feel like i should mention that I never compromised the quality of my work. I curbed my enthusiasm which is a huge asset of mine. 

Eventually the roles slowed down for a moment and instantly I realized how fortunate I was to have that consistent work that I was kicking ass at!

In this scenario, the challenge was changing my mindset and also being honest about the reality of the business scenarios I crave.”

We want to know what pivotal people and scenarios is your work life have elevated your ability and focus! Comment or reach out to us on social and share your story!

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