COMPANIES WE LOVE (that are hiring right now)


What defines a great place to work?

Is a contemporary and lively company culture the priority? Are benefits the major swaying factors? Does the pay structure make the final call for you? Do you value a company with a strong social purpose or innovative practice?

Well that’s all really up to you.

We get asked all the time what the coolest or best places to work are and it’s really a loaded a question.

The way we see it, the greatest place for YOU to work is the place where you are satisfying YOUR personal, professional, and financial goals while contributing to the company’s overall success.

We believe that the interview process should be thought of more as a series of business conversations that lead you and the company to figure out if it is the best fit for you BOTH.

We can’t tell you definitively what the best place to work is, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would ask Frank Judd, Director of Client Accounts, and Rod Santacruz, Senior Recruitment Manager, to share with you a few companies that they LOVE that are hiring right this very second!

Frank’s first pick is JUUL.

JUUL was founded less than 2 years ago and has already skyrocketed to success. Frank says that “with well over $1b in 2018, the team “build outs” for JUUL extend far beyond sales, marketing, and operations. They are leading the charge in technology, innovation, and brand awareness.” We think a company with this much acceleration is a company with key opportunities and potential.

Rod highlighted Pabst Blue RIbbon.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is an established and notable American beer company that has been a household name stateside for decades. According to Rod, “Pabst stands out as a truly unique lifestyle adult beverage organization that has one of the most iconic portfolios of American brands in the beer category.  They are a culture that embraces creativity and is passionate about making people’s lives better. They are not afraid to innovate and seek out opportunities that will impact growth. Pabst has stayed true to delivering the quality and experiences that has bonded their portfolio with diverse communities all over the world.”   

FInally, back to Frank who chose Dixie Brands.

Dixie Brands is an exciting company emerging and thriving in the unstoppable cannabis industry. Frank mentions that “with new hires into their executive suite, these new leaders are looking to build off of the momentum that got Dixie public in Canada as well as looking to build out the departments they are leading. Their two new joint ventures also open international and domestic opportunities in sales, brand building, and product development.”

Did all that opportunity just make your heart skip a beat? Yeah… we felt that too.

If you think any of these companies sound like an ideal next opportunity and want to further explore if it would align for you personally, professionally, and financially, we would love to hear from you! Hit us up directly on our website or socials OR feel free to reach out to Frank ([email protected]) or Rod ([email protected]) directly.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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