We had a chat with our fearless leader and CEO, Bert Miller, to get some insight on what he feels it means to be a strong and powerful leader. He’s been successfully leading our pack here at Protis Global for over 23 years so we’d say he knows what he’s talking about!

What is one quality all leaders need to have/embody?

You have to truly care about people. Leadership is about making tough decisions and doing what’s right for the team. If you don’t hold your team and yourself accountable, you’re cheating each individual. This is something I wish all people could understand in real time how valuable the lesson is, what I mean in “real time” is that many people do not realize the value of accountability they have been held to and how that then impacts their trajectory until later in their career. If one can realize it at the time, then they can have a significant impact where they are today that will lead to their objectives. People often put limitations on their growth by not embracing accountability. Many times this is just maturity. You can be tough and have high expectations if your team knows you care.

How do you know what kind of leader you need to be?

Not sure it is knowing what kind of leader you need to be but really understanding what kind of leader you are. Each person is inspired differently and effective leaders know this and learn and gets to know each of their team members, their families and their struggles. The best leaders have been through tough hurdles in their own journey. This, I think, is important so I can understand what the team is going through and being asked to do – the team realizes I can relate to their struggles and know there is a way to break through.

What is your ultimate goal as a successful leader?

You first must earn respect and for my team to know that i care. No one can do this alone at scale, and by earning respect, saying thank you and caring, you can get things done through others.

Protis Global is a smaller organization, how do you balance when to be the boss and when to be a friend?

Honestly that’s pretty hard to answer. It’s more art than science. But again, if you do not have respect or you do not truly care, there will be walls. As I mentioned, each person is different and you have to find their spot where the walls come down—it is hard but if done right, can lead to incredible breakthroughs.

What is a major challenge for leadership right now?

Well to start, we have 4 different generations working together. There has to be great compromise and understanding from all viewpoints. It has to go both ways for everyone and meeting in the middle is critical. It takes discipline. It takes discipline and conscious embracing from all of us.

What are some questions, not only leaders but all professionals should be asking themselves to stay sharp and focused?

You have to ask yourself, are you just working to have life experiences or is your profession part of your life? It’s not work and life. It’s just life. Find what you want to do in life. If you see what you do each day as a ob you’re doing then you are probably doing it wrong. You have to ask yourself, are you just working to have life experiences?

A key to success is you have to find a way to exponentially grow yourself – spiritually, financially, professionally, however.

Another key is to follow someone you like to mentor you in some capacity. Find someone to look up to and learn from and watch the example they set. Make sure you admire their achievements but also them as a person. It’s not who you want to be but someone you respect and could emulate. Find someone who cares for your success and believes in you. That mutual respect and purpose is where real growth happens.]]>

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