BEFORE YOU SAY YES to a new work adDRESS

It’s day one at a new job and time to find out if you made the right move. It’s time to find out if you’ve done your Due Diligence.

Did you make the choice that is the best next step for you in your career? Does this move happen at a time that is perfectly aligned with your daughter’s high school graduation? Does this pay increase justify the additional travel? If you’re asking yourself these questions on day one, chances are you didn’t do your DUE DILIGENCE when the time was right.

The interview process is strenuous and intense and for some, dare I say, exhilarating. A new job opportunity is exciting. The potential for change and progress is so easy to visualize. We understand the whirlwind that is a career move. In the hustle and bustle and trying to impress, charm, and answer all of the questions to the best of your ability, did you take the time to ask questions for YOU?

It is very clear that an interview is held so that a company can decide whether you are the right person for the job and the right fit for the company culture but you as a candidate should also be ensuring that the company is the right fit for you. Just as they are adding you to their team, you are adding a new role to your life. All too often we find ourselves having to remind top talent that, though you are being interviewed by the company, it is equally as crucial that you ask exploratory questions as well to see if in fact that company has what they need to be the right fit.

Candidates can forget that not all good job opportunities are the right opportunity and forget to ensure that they are aligning their career shift/change with their goals professionally, financially, AND personally.

We decided to highlight a few unconventional questions that we feel talent should be asking or at least considering before making definitive decisions

What will a typical day for me look like?

Is relocation really something that I (and anyone else who is part of the decision making) wants?

Is it the right time for me to take on more responsibility?

Am I ready to leave my current company for the right opportunity? If so, what does the timeline I need look like?

Is the juice worth the squeeze? (in all aspects)

Is this enough of a pay increase to sustain the financial growth I aim for?

Is this the smartest next step in my career? Is this a lateral move?

Are the benefits catering to my priorities?

Do I have the flexibility in this role to maintain the balance I crave?

Whether you are asking the company directly or simply assessing that aspect with your recruiter, these are a few critical points that are imperative to address before you say ‘yes’ to a new role. Now this is obviously just a small sample of some of the angles you should consider before locking down your decision just to get you started and help guide you in the decision making process. Are there any questions you always ensure you ask? Let us know! Comment here or hit us up on one of our socials and let us know what variables you consider and what questions are crucial to ask before making this major choice!


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