A Bit More Gratitude by Protis Global

Let’s talk about gratitude. It’s easy to feel, but have you expressed it lately?

I mean let’s be real… We are a “Yelp” generation where we turn to the internet and the comment boards mostly to complain. We seldom choose a time to be deliberate about expressing gratitude when something positive or changing happens. 

A single statement of gratitude is pretty easy to drum up when you are sitting around the dinner table on Thanksgiving and you’re put on the spot, but we challenged our team to bring forth the gratitude a bit before Turkey Day!

Sure, we have beer on tap and awesome clients with amazing product lines that we love to sample and enjoy. We have a modern in-house cafe that is fully equipped with the fanciest coffee machines. Also, we have to mention how cool it is that our Miami HQ is in the heart of Wynwood! We feel such appreciation for the little things like this, and there are so many other reasons we are grateful for Protis Global, our leadership team, and all of the members who have helped shape the company culture and processes that cater to our success and growth. 

We want to share our appreciation and recognition with those who have created and garnered this situation to us and to all of you! As I mentioned, we asked some of our team to tell us what about Protis Global they were thankful for! Here are some of our responses.

Skye Miller, Director of Client Accounts

PG has been a part of my life for the last 24+ years. I am thankful that we are an organization of honesty and transparency. We do not shy away from tough conversations with candidates, clients, or internally. There are not many places of work or people who can say that. For that – I am thankful.

Rod Santacruz, Client Account Manager

I’m thankful that PG provides a culture that highlights transparency.  We are a boutique firm in size with a team-oriented structure and this requires a high level of communication from each department to make sure we deliver for the candidates and companies we are partnered with.

Deb Dziena, Recruitment Manager

I am grateful that PG cares about what is important to me and allows me and encourages me to be my authentic self.

Juan Saavedra, Senior Recruitment Manager

I am grateful that Protis takes chances to build up and develop talent that wants to grow professionally, most of our office had never been in recruiting prior to joining but when you hear them on the phone you would think we have all been around for years.

I’m thankful that we can be ourselves around our colleagues and not feel judged for enjoying, nerdy things, fattening foods, and expensive clothing. We definitely have fostered a culture where we love people who aren’t afraid to be themselves

Andres Rodriguez, Managing Director + President of ace Talent Curators

What makes PG special is that once you’re in, you’re family.  People genuinely care for and accept one another, professionally and personally.  Like a family, we also hold each other accountable and when tough conversations need to be had, they come from a place of caring.

Trisha Patel, Marketing Specialist
There are so many reasons I’m thankful to work at Protis Global! From my first interaction, innovation and forward-thinking have been at the front of the culture. Diversity and inclusion is a given but still talked about and prioritized. We have a tech-centric office with resources and communication tools that allow us to reach further, push harder, learn more, and be better. We are set up for success as long as we want it and are willing to work for it. Failure isn’t a loss, its a learning opportunity and a chance to reflect, innovate and finetune. The only way to lose is to not try.

As you can see, there are many reasons to be grateful for the culture, values, support and expectations at Protis Global. We’ve only scratched the surface! If you think PG sounds like a place where you could thrive, hustle, and grow, reach out to Lars Miller, Manager of Talent Attraction at [email protected]!

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