7 Tips for Art Basel-ing like a Pro

Art Basel, is a three-prong art show featuring mostly modern and contemporary art. The show is held in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami and spans through major areas of these cities! As some of you know, our operational HQ is in the heart of Wynwood which is the Art District of Miami, FL.  

Everyone who is anyone in the art world is here and the many businesses needed to facilitate these extravagant and massive exhibits and installations also show up in full force. Naturally, many of our clients are in attendance and representing in a major way. Since many of us on Team PG are Miami natives, we feel we have a bit of insight into Art Basel so we thought we’d share a few pieces of advice and a bit of cool info for newcomers to the massive event!

  1. Expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes and ears open for possibilities. The thing about Basel is that it is driven by art and artists. There are new events and productions everywhere. Be able to pivot and take advantage of cool, last minute spectacles.
  2. Take advantage of the artistic diversity and find a show that maybe is a touch out of your comfort zone. Don’t be overwhelmed! Breathe and take it all in!
  3. Make sure you hit up an after party! So many major event companies and brands sponsor massive parties after the official Basel events end. Eventbrite and Swarm are great websites to check out for a good place to start looking for events.
  4. There will be recognizable figures and people everywhere you look. You never know what could happen and where and how. Mix and mingle with artists, curators, gallery owners, private collectors, and so many more. Be confident and absorb all there is. There is a lot to take in, so take your time and be present. The main thing to remember is BE RESPECTFUL of the art and artists.
  5. Take advantage of new menu offerings! So many of Miami’s hot spots have special Basel menus, experiences, and tastings. Don’t miss it!
  6. Try to frequent some of Miami’s less known restaurants and cafes if you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle.
  7. Last, but not least, try not to drive! Parking is super pricey and a bit difficult to get to. We suggest you try to get dropped off as close to Basel as possible and walk the rest of the way.

Finally, below are a couple of links to sites which will give you the inside scoop from a locals perspective. Good luck! We hope to see you “Basel-ing” around.

The New Tropic

Miami New Times


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